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After trying to search online and reviewing the Island S/S runway video, I still can't identify what type of jacket this is.  I'm trying to determine if it's a Stooges or not, but I really don't have much extensive knowledge on RO.  I purchased this at a Nordstrom Rack, out of all places, and the Nordstrom tag had original retail price at $2675.  I've actually picked up several RO pieces from this particular Rack, but they pop up very rarely.. I've seen maybe one or two knits and copped two leather worker jackets from the same location in the past two years.


The RO tag reads:


Rick Owens


Island S/S 13

Rep. Moldova


Biker Jkt

Art.RU 5764/LNB     Sz. 52

Var. 0009     Black




comm. 072035