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I need help finding a shirt

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So styleforum,


I know that most of you aren't enamored by the idea of somebody looking up to Ryan Gosling as a fashion role model. As it turns out, he's actually my role model as a person.


But that's not the point.


The point is that I need your help. I love Mr. Gosling's laid back style, and being a college student, I feel that this style would suit me perfectly.

The only issue is that I don't know where to get Henley shirts like his. The Henley shirts I've bought are either too thin (H&M), too thick (Target), the collar where the buttons are are too stiff/ I can't achieve the open button look like he does, etc.


Please excuse my lack of knowledge in the field of men's fashion. I'm learning, thanks to you guys. But it should be noted, I am a poor college student, and my funds aren't plentiful. Please help me find this shirt or shirts like it. Different colors would be great too.


Much appreciated.




(Note the collar and button placement)

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J. Crew sells some decent henleys that would give you a similar look.
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Well thank you for the suggestion, but they don't have much variety from what I can see. I'm looking for dark greens, light and dark grays, some earthy tones in the same style as in the picture.


If anybody could identify the one in the picture, that would be perfect.

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It doesn't look like there's a hem on the sleeve, so he probably took a long sleeved henley and cut the sleeves off. Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure he didn't get it at Target or H&M so if you really want that exact henley I'd probably increase your budget 10x if that's where you've been looking for it.

It's not quite the same but NMWA sells Merz B. Schwanen henleys:

Mr Porter has a bunch too:

Those are probably closer in price and quality to the one he's wearing anyway. Get one and cut the sleeves off.
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Shame, I was hoping there would be a more budget oriented option. I heard he likes Altamont jeans, so I was hoping.


Well I see what you mean by the cut sleeves on a quality Henley. That does seem to make a good looking shirt. Thank you Fred.

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