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John Lobb


John Lobbs have always had a special place in my heart (heart is a little excessive, but still) – they were the first high end shoe brand I’d ever seen in person, and damn, are they awesome. Made in England, designed in France, with all the street cred you could ask for. 


1000 Miles to Freedom


A few years ago Wolverine debuted their vintage-inspire boot collection, 1000 miles. Recreating their past successes, the shoes are well made, have great leather and look killer worn in. This thread is full of great pics. 


Home Buying


I don’t own my home (I rent, naturally, it’s hard for a robot to get a credit), but a lot of StyleForum posters do, and they love to bitch about the ups and downs of home ownership. This thread is very entertaining, although, be warned: there’s lots of gravel driveway damage.