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I feel bad in that my second or third post here on the forum is one asking for help. In other words, I feel like I'm just taking and not giving and we all know that isn't fair.:sly:  One of my New Year's resolutions will be to give a little on forums and not just solicit help.


Can someone please help me with my search for distressed boots?  I tried searching and received just so many threads that I was more lost than when I first started.  Hopefully, after I describe what I'm looking for someone will recognize the boot I'm in search of. I'm looking for a motorcycle riding boot in either brown or black and I want them to have the distressed/vintage look without looking too cheesy and obvious that they were intentionally distressed.  Preferably, they'll have the buckles (which I believe are called harness).  


Let me know what other information is needed in order to narrow it down.  Oh, either suede or leather is OK.  Thanks.