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Jordache jeans

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I found a box of Jordache jeans my parents used to sell 20-25 years ago. Has anyone ever heard of this brand. I don't really wear jeans, so I'm not sure if they're even good quality. Also, could I sell these these for $20 at the swap meet. They're brand new, never worn, and still in the bag. I just want to make sure its even worth the effort of trying to sell them. I'd hate to be at one all day, and not sell any because they're not considered cool or something.
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Esquire: Far away in a land known as "The '70s" there was a garment known as Jordache Jeans. The were worn mostly by the princesses of this land as they did their ritual mating dance at the communal hall known as "The Disco." The garment was magic, dear Esquire, for it would flatten most posteriors but a select, rare, delectable few were uplifted, nay, elevated, by the Jordache Jeans, and it was good. Indeed. For some the glass slipper, for others the Denim Derriere. Are they cool? Were they ever "cool?" Well, as an artifact, they are precious. Your talisman will touch many hearts -- I don't know if they'll touch many butts. Worth selling though. Good luck.
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You haven't heard of Jordache jeans? Oh my goodness, I am starting to feel very old right now.
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I remeber when they were the jeans to have in 3rd grade. One girl asked me why I didn't have jordache. My response was "my mother buys my jeans, and I just wear whatever she buys." I thought it was a really stupid question.
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brooke shields modeled jordache to much acclaim
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Hang on to them for a few more months.... Why? Jordache is reinventing the label in the fall w/ new cuts at very select denim stores like atrium in NYC and fred segal in LA. Limited and expensive. I'm sure there will be a small vintage resurgence for em.... I'd call a good vintage store like What comes around goes around in NYC and sell the whole batch. You could surely get at least 20$ a pair. are the rises super high? Pete
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Agree completely with VWpete. The new, limited Jordache lines has been in the pipelines for a while now, which should make your collection of real Vintage Jordache all the more valuable.
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just out of curiousity, what sizes do you have there? any mens', or is it all womens'? /andrew
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brooke shields modeled jordache to much acclaim
no, those were Calvin Klein jeans.  "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins."
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crap, you're right. who the hell modeled jordache?
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I had assumed that jordache jeans were a cheesy novelety relic from that era. Along with these jeans, I also found some members only jackets. The sizes are very strange. Length is 30, but the width is like 12 or 16. I couldn't fit into them. I don't know if these are for children or women. I can't tell. I've heard about guys that buy women jeans. Why would do this? Is there a difference in design for women vs. men jeans.
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crap, you're right.  who the hell modeled jordache?
Victoria Principal?
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