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Your first tie purchase should be a purple grenadine from Chipp. A huge bargain at $50. It would look great with a navy or charcoal suit. You might even be able to get away with a light purple shirt if that's really your schtick as a magician.


The tie you're wearing looks tacky for a couple reasons
-Too many multi-colored stripes
-Cheap looking shiny silk
-Windsor knot (start tieing Four in Hand knots)
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Originally Posted by Magician Shaun View Post

Thanks Josh. What was your act? For me, the best part about street performing is that my first year I performed as much as some pro magicians would in 10 years. That experience is invaluable.

I totally lost track of this thread, sorry I didn't reply! I am in an olde time / string band here in Denver. We got our start by playing any where and everywhere. Like you said, that experience is insanely valueable and has served us really well over the past few years.


On a similar note to what you were saying, we get hired for a lot of weddings. The couple is always very pleasantly surprised that we put effort into looking nice and professional, rather than looking like a typical dumpey musician, haha. When it comes to the performing arts, there is a lot of room for creativity. I've had a lot of fun wearing colorful stuff, bow ties, etc. etc.

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OK, Knot learned. What about a Pratt knot?


I like the Grenadine tie I think I will get one and give it a shot. I do feel like it might be a bit too dark though. I have been trying to stay away from things too dark ever since the "preacher" comment. 


I appreciate the help in the evolution of my character. Every character is first defined by his looks so it's important that I find a middle ground between costume and proper business attire that both me and my clients are comfortable with. 

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Pratt knots are fine as well.

I think you should distinguish between your own wardrobe and your performance wardrobe.

I think that going over the top a bit can be fun for magicians and if I was in your position I would certainly look at vintage tuxedo's/tailcoats etc, just for that certain flair. Obviously, these aren't things that one would wear out regularly, so you need to figure out way way to either make things meet halfway or have two separate wardrobes for work and for you.

I think being slightly theatrical with your wardrobe for performance could be a whole lot of fun. I'd definitely rock a bowtie from time to time.

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Shaun, the photos of you in the suit make you look like the average business guy, in the standard issue grey suit.  The fact that they don't fit great accentuates the issue.   If I were you, I'd look for suits with some features that differentiate themselves from a business suit:  peak lapels for example, and maybe fabrics with a bit of sheen to them (silk or mohair blends) that will pick up light well that make them more stage appropriate.  Also, grey seems somewhat drab in this context, even charcoal.

  I'd try like hell to find a midnight blue peak lapel suit, perhaps just a one button, with dual vents and jetted pockets, in a relatively slim cut, in a  wool mohair blend (won't wrinkle much), and match it with a white double cuff shirt, and get some purple satin and grenadine ties.

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^^^ Or a few different velvet sport jackets, with dark trousers, same shirt and tie combos.

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Smoking jackets?

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^^Same concept though I think technically smoking jackets have particular features to them (shawl collar and belts as opposed to buttons?) that make them appear more archaic and costumy.  Velvet is pretty well established as evening wear, picks up light well, will not be confused with office wear, and there are plenty of options at various price-points.

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Does the color of your suits figure into any slight of hand activities? Do you need to blend in with background to take visual focus off your body?
If it does and you work primarily in front of black backdrop then black suit may be important.
I agree that the grey suit and striped tie looks nice but is more CBD style and is not what I think is a memorable outfit lending itself to branding you to your clients.
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The wardrobe doesn't have any functional properties. Black is actually bad for certain types of effects, think floating objects.


I also agree that the suit is kind of basic and business like. I wanted a couple of more conservative options in the wardrobe as I feel they will be appreciated by a certain clientele that have events with a business like dress code. Performing for corporate events during business hours comes to mind. Like annual company meetings where I am hired to relieve some of the monotony and help keep people from falling asleep. 


I definitely plan to look for some older styled tail coats for performance formal wear. I currently don't do a traditional stage show. Most of my magic is known as close-up, parlor, and stand up. I am also unfortunately not an illusionist. 


I like the idea of of blue peak lapel suits and the velvet blazer idea is nice as well. Those will certainly help to give my character a bit of definition.


Does anyone have any other recommendations on hats? I actually do some effects that use hats/ I don't actually pull bunnies out of them or anything but there is one trick where I pull a cantaloupe out of it. I would like something that bridges the gap between costumey top hat and a Sinatra lid. 


These ideas are great and I thank you. When I find a nice Velvet jacket that I like I will be sure to post some photos. 

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I'd be more likely to fall asleep if I thought the hired magician was 'Fred' from Accounting wearing his work clothes because he didn't have time to change vs someone assuming a character.

Do you ever do events where you just walk around doing tricks for people in the crowd? I think that would be pretty hilarious if you're just wandering around as part of the crowd as opposed to being the center stage. Performance art if you will.

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Actually yes. It is a style of magical entertainment called strolling magic.I mingle, introduce myself, perform for around 5 minutes, excuse myself, and then repeat it with another group. It's quite popular for social events and it's fun for me too!
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I would wear a business outfit for that but wear something much more fun for a stage performance.

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Yes so my wardrobe needs are somewhat varied and based on the venue. I don't want be shopping before a show so I am trying to put a few things together for various situations. 


Here is my 4-in-hand knot

Is that acceptable? 


I suppose I need to learn a half windsor and a Pratt as well. 

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I picked up this Ermenegildo Zegna 95% Wool 5% Cashmere sport coat at Marshalls. It was miss priced, in my size, and I loved the color and feel of it. It is currently at the tailor and the sleeves are being finished. The guy charged almost the same to finish the sleeves working buttons as non-working buttons including the slight shortening of the sleeves so I went with functioning sleeve buttons. I figured why not seeing as how I paid $29.00 for the jacket. So with tailoring the cost will be $109. Amazing deal.



I know the tie and shirt are too much, I was just putting it on for the photo. What color is this? 


How should I pair this with shirt tie? Obviously the stripes are just too much, Should it be a solid shirt and large patterned tie? I am not too familiar with mixing jacket, shirt, and tie patterns and what is and isn't OK. Advice is appreciated. 

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