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Hmmm.....since I'm missing my recently sold KMW 1980's so much, maybe it's time for a pair in my true waist size....or maybe a pair of the 1950's.
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Originally Posted by kronik View Post
I would like to preorder my 5EPs under the sale pricing.

LOL, I'd be down to preorder under sale pricing also.
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These rumours about you guys stocking april 77 appear to be subversive communist lies.
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Sweet, I'll definitely order a new pair of denim.
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The discount of Nudie is 30%? What will the discount be on Cheap Monday?
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please let me know the online code when you have it!
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We do carry April 77
I dont know which one of my staff is using my account but I will find out today.

The sale goes til I say it is over.
I will have Tim bust his ass to put up as many pictures as he can so you guys can see what you need to see. If you want you can always call either store.

I will have the new code for you guys tomorrow.

these are the items that you get your normal 20%
APC and Imperial
I also have the average Joe and grimm tim.
Sugar cane allows NO discount!!

EVERYTHING THING ELSE IS 30% to 50% off and your normal discount doesn't apply.
YOU GET 30% to 50% off
julian red
nudies with the exception of the grimm tim and average joe
blue blood ( great jean)
rag and bone
surface to air hoodies, coats, computer bags, jeans, tee shirts, knits for fact are all 50%
If for some reason you do have a question call us or email us.
I don't check the forum that much so try to save your questions for Jeff and tim via email or phone.
Thankyou for your support!!

ps- first come first serve.
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What 77 stuff do you have? There doesn't seem to be any on the online store.
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yah I know sorry. we slept on that it like idiots.

we have the..

Joey overdrive

Joey color drive ( black)

Joey color drive eaille ( grey)

Joey high standars ( over dye black)
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NSF hoodies?
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I love Surface2Air shirts. Please post pictures or at least give me the names so I can try to find pictures on the internet. I'll clean you out!
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True Religions for me please Also do you have kidrobot?
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Fok - Why be mean?
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ill be in the arlington store on thursday to peruse... never bought any really expensive jeans before, Mauro. hopefully u can help me out
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What S2A hoodies do you have?
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