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Best Plain Men's T-shirts?

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This is a bit of a rant, and also a plea for help!

I want to buy a bunch of plain crewneck tees for myself, black and/or white.
I'm a bit picky when it comes to undershirts. I have a couple black ones from H&M, and the price is great (under 7$), but they shrink awkwardly and I can't always remember not to put them through the dryer. 
The collars also sorta lose their "integrity" they flop around a bit instead of staying flat like when I bought them. 

I see a lot of good deals at places like Winners and Marshalls for "good brand" multipacks, but Its hard since a CK medium looks to be like an H&M L or XL even, and usually you can't try them on since their they are sealed, and sorta considered underwear. Even in standalone brand names stores, like Banana Rep. they are often packaged. 

Sometimes even brand new tees are all linty and pilled looking ( note: I wear a lot of plain black tees so this is why they prob appear linty, since black shows lint so easily), and I also worry about durability - I have a plain black tee from Uniqlo and it just doesnt feel nice after washing, and looks pilly and linty all the time. 

Also with white tees - they are often made pretty of pretty thin material which isn't very flattering when worn as clothing (not Marlon Brando, sorry!)

So in summary I'm looking for

- Durable, thicker material (doesn't have to be 100% cotton,) 
- Crew neck
- Cut: not too baggy, a little slim is fine but not tight or super-slim fitting!
- Affordable!
- Plain black or plain white 

- can work as an undershirt, but works equally well as a simple component of an outfit, or standalone shirt 


So...please share your experiences with plain tees!

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Rick Owens

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James Perse -- $45 at nordstrom
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I actually dont have any good experience with t-shirts. The only t-shirt that has fitted me good is a Margiela and I really dont want to pay that much for a plain t-shirt more than once. 


I have also been looking for some new plain tees lately, without any experience from owning or trying on, these are the ones I think atleast look good.,default,pd.html?dwvar_VEN__ALL__NA__VA-40850-0032_color=GREY%20MELEE - Have heard from some people that the LVC-tees has dropped their fit-quality though. - Good looking colours and tees overall for an okay price. also hold some simple t-shirts. I own a few and they fit me quite good, not sure whether I like the non-thick fabric though. 


Tell me if you find any good tees, please!



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Yeah, forgot to add:

Have heard alot of people talk good about Dries van Notens plain tees, aswell as Alexander Wangs ( if youre okay with black/grey/white ).
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Polo 3-pack of white tees.........can be worn anyway you like and hoid up for quite some time.

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Thanks for the feedback, I haven't tried any of the suggestions mentioned!


Has anyone had good luck with American Apparel tshirts? They make so many different kinds that its confusing on their website!

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I also saw a three pack of CK black crew neck cotton Ts again, but for only $20, but wasn't sold on the texture - any experience with them?

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Originally Posted by Andi Rs View Post

Lee t shirt --->starts at $9 at ebay


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I like Velva Sheen.

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Everlane makes $14 tees in a really nice shade of black.
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I don't like Everlane tees at all (don't hold up well IMO and the fit is terrible), but I've had great experience with Velva Sheen and also love Reigning Champ t shirts.
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5 Year basic T from Lulu Lemon
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This thread is a joke right? unless it doesn't have some significant change in design with length, seams, and cut than sorry, but this thread is a bit silly.

Uniqlo Supima/Premium 100% cotton T-Shirts will do you good. This is my go to brand for t-shirts/buttoned shirts/and spring or summer essentials. "Holds up" better than Everlane, and other brands in my opinion. If you feel price really does make a huge difference, you can always try Lands End supima t-shirts.

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wtf Uniqlo has a whole supima line now?


godddddddddddddddd damn!




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