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Heschung Boots- Sizing question

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Hi, I am looking to buy some Heschung boots at thecorner or mrporter and wanted to know if anyone on this site has bought a Heschung and if so how did you size the shoe compared to your brannock size.


if anyone has a shoe/boot from Heschung size UK8 or UK 9 what is the insole length?   that seems to be my best method to get true length


I have scoured the web and cannot find any details that helps me decide.


all the best and thanks



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www.nomanwalksalone.com has pretty accurate sizing. 


I wear a size 9.5UK in must Heschungs.  They tend to be fairly long, but a bit narrow.

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LA GUY - thanks for the reply

I should know your Barrie size and Viberg size as I have been following the forums great Viberg makeups, but been a long week already so i can't recall

What barrie or trubalance size are you?

I am an 8.5 in Barrie and Trubalance. 9 in Johnston Murphy and Allen Edmonds, 8.5 in Wolverine 1k. All in D width

Any comparisons you can make to help dial in the size for me is much appreciated.

thanks again

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I don't actually wear any Aldens.  However, in the Trickers 4497 last I am a size 9.5UK, and I am a 9 UK in the 4444 last.  My size in most Vibergs is 9.5.

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I wear 7.5D Barrie, 7.5E Aberdeen and Vass, 8D on the Brannock (actually, between D and E).

I've purchased two Heschungs: the Tyroleans co-labelled with Yuketen; and some Ateliers Heschung suede Algonquin's with white work soles. The Tyroleans fit exactly like barries (size down 1/2 from your Brannock). The Ateliers Heschung Alonguqin's were really long and a little narrow--even sized down 1/2 they were still 1/2 size too long. So quite a different fit from the Tyroleans.

You should be sure you can return any that you might buy without trying them on. Cool shoes, strange fitting.
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Thanks La Guy and dport86, I think i am a tweener and need an 8.5 UK and only have a choice of 8 and 9. I found the heschung customer service on their website and sent them the question as well.

This interent buying is tough!

Have a great Holiday season

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