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I don't normally see too many nice (not too too nice, e.g. EG) mid-size shoes on ebay (I'm an 11d), but there's a few out there right now. Seller Grapevinehill has a lot of Polo italian-made shoes, and there's a couple of others. None fit my needs, so i figured I'd post 'em up. Gucci Monkstraps... I couldn't pull them off, but then I'm only a mild dandy. Seller also has some nice AEs, but the price isn't so attractive. Check out their Bally oxfords, too, though I don't think I could do them either. This guy's got some alright Santoni penny loafers, but do I really need Santoni penny loafers? These Allen Edmonds oxfords are used, but I'd buy them new. Price is too high for a dead guy's shoes, this seller has a ton in this size. Either someone didn't make it or is feeding a $100/day coke addiction. So 1986. There's a lunch break well-spent. Back to the 8 hour/day work addiction.