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Need help with Wolverine 1000 Mile Cordovan

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So I did a very dumb thing last night and I could kick myself many times over. I applied Venetian Shoe Cream on my Wolverine 1000 mile cordovan boots and they are now much darker then how they originally came. I loved the original color (light chocolate brown) and am hoping there is a way to get them back to that state. Does anyone have any advice or am I SOL because of my stupidity? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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You might get more response posting in the shoe care thread. Or Allen Edmonds Appreciation thread under Classic Menswear, they are the ones that make the shell boots for Wolverine.


I assume you are talking about the 744's. Nothing wrong with VSC for shell and have used it but prefer Reno. In your case I would just wipe with a damp cloth then brush them. Repeat numerous times and wear them also. I wear my 744's which is likely what you have as just regular boots all the time. And like most shell wet brushing using the Mac method it heals most all wounds.


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Thanks for the reply. Yes they are 744. I ended up taking the shoes to a local shoe repair shop and they did a pretty good job washing the VSC off. It's still darker then I prefer but much better.

Can you tell me what the MAC method is that your mentioning?

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The Mac method is named after a gentleman named McArthur. He posts here on the Alden thread quite a bit and other sites around the Internet. He has one of if not the most spectacular collection of shell ever owned and keeps them highly shined using a method which is often refereed to as The Mac method. Click on this link for his (the original) version. 


Basically it is water brushing. You wipe them down with a damp rag and then brush them for at least 5 minutes. Then buff with a cloth, what I use is a microfiber cloth for buffing. No waxes or creams although he will use a very little bit of wax on his Aldens on his once in awhile. I have never used wax or creams on my 744's or most of my shell boots or shoes for that matter. I do use some Saphir Renovateur occasionally. I have also used VSC, but don't let it set more than a few minutes then start brushing it and then use the Mac method over top of that. It works very well.


I wear my 744's as regular boots. Memorial day weekend I wore them fly fishing, they were starting to get pretty worn looking by then



Normally I shine my shell after each wearing but with the 744's like I said I just wear them like boots. After that picture was taken I have worn them a lot around the property including putting up several cords of Oak firewood. This weekend I finally got around to cleaning them and realized I should have taken a before and after when I read your reply but had already started on the one. However you can still get an idea of what just the Mac method and a little Saphir Renovateur can do



The one on the left looked just like the one on the right when I started. The one on the right will look fine when I get done with it. I don't think everyone should treat their shell like this, some would call it abuse, but they are my boots that I use as such. I also have a lot of other shell dress boots and shoes which I keep spotless. I have always been able to restore them without any waxes or creams just a very little bit of water and brushing. The Mac method works and works well in my experience.

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I applied the MAC method as suggested and the boots look great!  Thanks for the tip.  One question though, I was able to get the toe box area to a high shine but all other areas of the boot are just a light shine.  Any suggestions how to achieve the same level of shine throughout the boot as the toe box?


Also, in the first photo you posted, your 744s look amazing.  Was this accomplished with the MAC method or did you also use RENO?

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Glad to hear it, that is outstanding! Just keep at it and eventually the rest will shine too. AE who makes these uses cream on their shell and most likely there is a lot of it on the rest of your boot which prevents a high shine. But I wouldn't hurry the process if these are your first shell, just keep at it brushing often and eventually they will glow too like the toes do now.


In my first picture mine were pretty new and no Reno just the Mac method. Mine didn't have much cream on them out of the box which helps. But i did spend a lot of time brushing them using the Mac method first before taking the picture. I don't watch a lot of TV but the few times that I do will usually grab a pair of shell shoes or boots, damp rag and a brush. After awhile it becomes relaxing to do, at least for me it does. And the results are worth it IMO.

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