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Baseball gloves

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Stupid question, but I am looking for recommendations for a decent baseball glove. I haven't had a glove for around 20 years but need something to play catch with my kid with.

This really shouldn't be such an issue but I recently went to a big sport shop and was surprised that all of the gloves seemed to be plasticized crap.

Is it so difficult to find a basic leather baseball glove these days? Any recs for makers?
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I just bought a glove for my cousin recently, and picked up a fairly nice Rawlings one that was certainly leather...
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I second Drizzt's recommendation, I bought a new glove a few years ago to play softball with, and was able to get a nice leather Rawlings for a decent price.
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Yeah, Rawlings is your best bet for something that is readily available and relatively cheap ($<50). Their "Heart of the Hide" series is good. Of course, like everything else, you can get a good Rawlings or Worth glove on ebay pretty cheap.

If, on the other hand, you are planning on becoming a dad that starts off playing catch with his son, and then signs him up for little league and then is forced to volunteer to coach his son's team because they don't have a coach for the team and if there is no coach there is no team and then, due to the fact that said dad played high school baseball and now wants to relieve his glory years through his 8 year old and who runs out and spends hundreds of dollars on professional equipment for said son and the team and then decides that if the team is going to be using quality equipment he, as coach, should also have top notch equipment then................

You should look at the following models which I own and love:

The Worth "Liberty" Series.
Anything from Nokona
There is a custom glove maker who made me a nice glove. Soto is the company name and I can find his site if you need it. You can obviously specify color, style, size etc.
TPX gloves (Louisville slugger) are what most pros use. Also a nice glove.

BTW, most gloves are made in Mexico. If you want something made in the USA or Japan, get ready to shell out a couple hundred.

While you are at it, get yourself a Mizuno maple bat made in Japan. The ball flies off that thing.
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i am partial to mizuno. probably because i am japanese. probably because it is my last name. probably because ichiro uses them.
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Obviously its your budget, but I've had 2 Kelly's after going through Rawlings, Nokona, and probably a few others.

Probably overkill for playing catch with your kid, but it's a glove that is really well made and I just can't say enough how much I enjoyed mine until shoulder surgery put an end to my baseball days.
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I've used Mizuno for the past 20 years or so, but my all time favorite glove was a Rawlings Davy Concepcion model my mom bought me when I was eight. I used that glove through high school until literally wearing a hole through the pocket.
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I still have my Rawlings Jose Canseco from probably about 14 years ago. They last. At least the ones made 10+ years ago do.
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Where's the Wilson love? Go get a dual hinged A200 off of ebay, rub it up with some vaseline and play ball!
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You can get a decent glove for $30-$50 at any sports store that has a wide variety of gloves. The better brands are Rawlings, Mizuno, and Wilson. If you or anyone you know, is going to Mexico, there are two brands that literally will last forever. The brands are Guerrero and Barazza. I've had a Guerrero for the last 20 years, and the leather is still great as the day I bought it. I've got tons of use out of it too.

If you are going to be using it simply to play catch with your kid, and not for competitive play, stick with your local sports store.

By the way, I got the Guerrero for $40 Us dollars (20 yrs ago).
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Get a Wilson. All leather, made in USA.
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Nothing beats a Wilson glove, the A2000 is one of the best.

For more information on gloves click here:
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I joined my firm's softball team recently. Just go to the sporting goods store and pick up the cheapest leather glove you can find. I ended up with a Rawlings for ~$50. I believe 13" is the most versatile size.
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I coach a high school varsity baseball team and a legion team in the summer. I'v used Rawlings Heart of the Hide for years as well as my son that plays on both of my teams. I was looking for a glove that didn't cost a arm and a leg to buy for some of my players who couldn't afford a top end glove. I came across a glove named Valle. They have 5 different seriers of gloves. Priced from $149.00 to $235.00 for a custom made glove. The gloves are made with a real quality leather and are made to last. I have a Valle glove I use and my son will only play with the Valle glove also (he will use his Rawlings as back up glove now) You can go and check them out on there web site

I don't know if you have bought a glove yet or not, but is you are interested you can email me. I can get these gloves at a much lower price.
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While unpacking in my new home last night, I pulled my 40-year-old Rawlings glove out of a box. The leather is a little dry and it's cracking inside, near the palm, because I haven't oiled it in years. Boy, does it bring back memories.
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