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Socks with seersucker

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On Fridays, our office dress code relaxes a bit, so if it's going to be a hot one, I'll wear a variation of the following which I am wearing today: blue (but a greyish blue) striped seersucker 3-button suit, a white broadcloth buttondown (no tie), and british tan slip-ons. My quandry comes when I have to put socks with it (which I'm afraid I have to do for the office). I was pairing it with off-white socks, but frankly I just feel odd wearing white socks. Today I've put on solid blue socks that come close to matching the blue stripe in the suit. What do you guys think, what would or do you do?
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Maybe I'm splitting hairs here, but to me there is a difference between white and off-white. While wearing truly white socks anywhere other than the gym is a no-no for me, light tan or off-white socks are fine if they match the pants. Of course, I don't wear seersucker suits, but I do regularly wear the standard off-white ("stone," "light beige" or whatever else they're called) chinos, and I pair them with off-white, light-tan or light-gray socks. -- Tony
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TCN, sounds like a great, classic get-up. I'd think blue socks would be your best bet. Ideally, a lighter shade of dark blue (not dark navy, not royal blue -- in between) would be best IMO. I suppose a pair of light yellow socks or tan socks would work too, though yellow is probably not really work appropriate.
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Thanks for the replies. The first socks were off-white, but the color was close enough to pure white to give me second thoughts. Kabert, thanks for the reassurance on the blue socks, although I probably need to find a slightly more subtle shade than what I'm presently sporting. Incidentally, I used to wear white bucks with seersucker, but found that those drew too many comments and stares (up here in Michigan anyways). An inability to find white bucks that I liked resulted in me following advice garnered here, and picking up a pair of Alden tan handsewn laofers, and I'm very glad I did. In a 12C they are supremely comfortable and I love the way they look.
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So...will you call your final apparel choice...socksuckers ? (Flippant Friday remark #317-C12)
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TCN, I've always been a fan of white bucks too. Unfortunately, they are hard to wear. I wouldn't dare wear mine to the office (too "country club"), but I do manage to wear them once in a while with light colored slacks on summertime weekend occasions (usually dining all fresco with my wife at a local restaurant).
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I would suggest blue or grey socks. In my opinion, light colored socks with seersucker pants is an atrocity, but I am a fairly firm proponent of darker hosiery. I usually like to pair seersucker with white bucks though.
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I think powder pink socks would have a nice flair to them. Spectators would work quite well with seersucker as well.
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