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Cant find shirts that fit!

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I'm having trouble finding shirts that fit. Basicly im tall and skinny. Jantzen takes care of dress shirts but what can I do about polo shirts? Ideally I would like a shirt that's about 18 inches from one shoulder seem to the other and 28-29 inches long. And all of this fitting tight around my 32 inch waist untucked. I could take a medium size polo to a tailor and have him bring in the shoulders and sides, but how much would this cost? Another option might be to some how shrink the top part of a medium and then have a drycleaner take in the waist. Or maybe just find a "medium tall" and just shrink the whole thing. Any thoughts? Tim
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Yeah, this is a big problem for me too. I've found that the Gap or Banana Republic "athletic fit" polo shirts fit this bill, but the fabrics are limited. Some of the BR fabrics I've found to be very high quality, but the selection is indeed limited in the more athletic cuts. I think Polo purple label sounds like it would fit the bill as well, but of course they are incredibly expensive. Perhaps on sale for $100 or so they are doable -- that isn't much more than a regular priced Lacoste, for instance -- but that's still pushing it for a polo shirt. Maybe buy a staple -- a navy blue or lavender, etc. -- and then it's a good expenditure. But to buy a whole bunch? Wow, that's a big difference from buying them at Gap for $15 a piece on sale. This season though I've gotten a very nice pique polo in a Poloish lavender color from Gap, and I love the fit.
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I picked up one of J. Crews new pique polos, and while I usually am suspicious of J. Crew's quality in recent years, this polo fit very much like what you may be going for. A regular medium fit me perfectly, and I have similar measurements to you. It might be shorter in the hem than you wanted, but I'm not sure about that. In any event, you might want to check them out. $34 is a bit pricey still, but so long as it washes well, it was worth it to me.
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Morphine Generation ( makes lovely polo shirts, that I am sure everyone on this forum will love because they are extremely fitted and are designed to have the collars popped up in ultra-preppy position. BTW, it's a joke. But I do love their polos.
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Ralph Lauren now makes both slim fit and customizable polos, those sound like they would fit the bill.
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Morphine Generation ( makes lovely polo shirts,
Those look really nice, and look like they'd actually fit me, which is handy. I e-mailed the company about mail-order, but until they get back to me - how much are they? What colors do they offer? The coat of arms is interesting...
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