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Originally Posted by bgregg91 View Post

Thanks for the suggestions. Ledbury looks a bit out of my price range. I am in college still so shirts over $100 aren't really an option or a necessity. 


I looked at both the Ledbury and CH sizing guides. These shirts are smaller in the chest than the TM Lewin, but they are still just as wide or wider in the stomach.


Ledbury's Slim is 38-40" in the chest and 38.5" in the waist.

CH Extra Slim Fit is 40" in the chest and 39" in the wast


The CH chest sizing looks promising at 40", I may have to give one of their shirts a try. 




if you like the ledbury shirts, but its too expensive they have a deal on giltcity. $100 for $200 credit

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Originally Posted by JakeBake View Post

we need an update haha


I wish I had an update for you all. I still haven't received the shirts :(

I talked to customer support at TM Lewin yesterday. They said if the the shirts don't arrive by the 6th, then they will resend the order.

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Originally Posted by MrWN View Post

I have to disagree. I have worn variations of the blue at my office and my older colleagues have complimented them. Purple was fine too. I believe green should be fine as well. Not so sure about the "hot pink" though. Even if you don't wear them in the office, they're still good to have for going out with your friends.

See all those collars called grinch green, apricot, black, bounty blue, calypso green, caribbean blue, comet yellow, celestial blue, hypnotic teal, concord red, garnet red, hot pink, jubilee pink, ladybug red, thunder blue, marine, not wear those to the office if you want to be taken seriously or want to become management.
(if you work for a boutique or a place where jeans and t-shirts are the norm and anything with a collar is "dressed up" then you could probably disregard this comment) cheers.
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So I finally got the shirts in and I have some interesting results.


Here are the shirts that I tried out...

#1) 15 Fully Fitted x 33 



#2) 15.5 Fully Fitted x 33



#3) 15.5 Fully Fitted x 33 (Different Style)



#4) 15.5 Slim Fit x 33



Here are my notes on these shirts...

#1: Has the closest fit. The shoulders may not be quite wide enough. Unfortunately since the neck was 15 I could not button this shirt up without choking. Another note is that I did not wash or iron this shirt. I'm not sure if these shirts shrink much, but I am sure that this shirt could get even smaller/ tighter.


#2) Great fit. Liked how this shirt fit me in the shoulders. Even at 15.5, the neck was still pretty tight. It is uncomfortable to twist my neck or gulp.


#3) Marked at the same size as #2, but this shirt feels tighter and for some reason the sleeves are shorter. You can notice the shoulders are not as wide as #2. I am not sure why this shirt is smaller than #2. The only difference is that I ironed this shirt. I guess I will iron #2 and see if it shrinks at all. I actually wore this shirt to work today. It was a bit tight for my liking.


#4) Baggier than the other shirts, but overall not a bad fit. I have yet to wash this shirt so it may shrink a bit. The other thing I noticed is that the collar is roomier. It is marked at a 15.5 like #2 and #3, but it is actually comfortable around the collar. I am wondering if TM Lewin makes their Slim Shirts with larger collars than their Fully Fitted Shirts.


So what am I going to do...

First I am going to wash shirt #4 and see whether the collar still fits comfortably. I will also ask TM Lewin if they do in fact give the Slim shirts a larger collar than the Fully Fitted shirts. If this is the case I may just go ahead and order more 15.5 Slim Fit shirts. If not then I am going to try 16 Fully Fitted shirts and see if that is a better fit.


Tonight I am going to iron shirt #2 and see if it shrinks at all. I will probably wear it to work tomorrow and see if it is as constricting as shirt #2 was today. Either way I will probably end up returning this shirt since the collar is so tight.


Let me know if you guys have any questions.

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hey @bgregg91 thanks for updating this. how'd they end up turning out? i am looking at the fully fitted as well


what size did you wear in express? i found those being best fitting as well but in the same situation as you trying to find better material. have any more of the 15 x 33 fully fitted?

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Thanks for posting the measurements. Saved me some time contacting them. Good thread. I am 5'9", 180, 34 waist...and looks like slim fit (like BR) will do me well.

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