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Info on Avirex?

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Hi guys.

just bought a Avirex ltd  leather jacket on ebay. An older one. (1980s I'm guessing)

I've always been somewhat confused about this brand. Does anyone have any info on them other than what's on the wikepedia? (basically saying it was started in 1975 and became a US contractor in the 80s)


Just curious.


I've seen prices on the leather jackets all over the place. I only paid $50 which I think is pretty good...but just curious.


Thanks guys!


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I don't know the history of the brand but it was very popular amongst the urbanwear group in the 1990s along the like of Mecca, Fubu, etc.

$50 seems about right since the brand hasn't even popular in a decade or so. I'm not even sure if it still exists. The cut is also very generous to go along with the baggy trend that was in then.
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Thanks for the reply.

It's still a company, now called cockput usa. They still sell essentially the exact same stuff.


Most avirex stuff I've seen sell on ebay has been the $250-300 range.


The whole bomber jacket thing seems pretty popular right now too.


I was a 90s kid and didn't really know anyone my age who wore avirex...must have been for the 20 something crowd.


Looks like a cool jacket either way. Was just curious if there was any other info on the company since it seems to have some decent history. (they made jackets for the US military at one point)

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