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Workplace attire issues

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We've got a brilliant new intern at the firm: a straight-A student at Morehouse, great attitude, whip-smart, etc etc. He's also an attractive and well-groomed face for the clients (something my boss really gets hung up on). Trouble is, he dresses like an athlete at a draft show. Everything's in these really intense hues and colors, and everything's "coordinated." Today's color is lavender: lavender suit, sheer lavender socks (they look like nylon), lavender alligator belt, and lavender 'gators. Yikes. The boss is giving me a hard time about it (since I hired the kid), and she wants me to get the kid to come to work dressed more conservatively. I for one couldn't care less: the quality of his work is outstanding, and I think we should be happy with a kid who comes to work with everything impeccably pressed, manicured nails and all that. The suits, frightening as they are, are well-cut and would look great in normal blues, greys and blacks. He obviously spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance, and I want to tell my boss to just let it go, that we should be happy with a great hire. Question (finally&#33:If she insists that I tell him to tone it down, how can I go about it diplomatically?
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Easy: "Listen kid, you do great work, but you have to tone it down. Lavender suits are not appropriate for client meetings."
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it sounds like he is smart, so i would assume he knows that he's not wearing business attire. more likely that's just the way he likes to dress and he's testing to see if he can get away with it. if you tell him to stick to gray, navy, etc... you're not going to shock him. he'll likely just think it was good while it lasted. i really wouldn't stress about telling him. you're doing him a favor in the long run.
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Tease him mercilously. Just kidding.
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Tease him mercilously.
You know for some reason your avatar makes that comment much more funny to me.
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Wow. I guess I did kinda put up a volley there, didn't I?
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Did he show up for his interview(s) dressed like that? I second matador's suggestion.
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Today's color is lavender: lavender suit, sheer lavender socks (they look like nylon), lavender alligator belt, and lavender 'gators.  
What color shirt and tie? Or is he going without?   Also, snap a picture if you can...  
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Yeah, just tell him something like "Hey dude, I want you wearing blues, greys, or black. Pinstripes optional." He probably won't take it hard at all. Just be sure to specify the proper shade of blue for him, lest he comes in wearing something Royal Blue.
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Lavender?? HAHAHAHAH... Dude, if you don't tell him, sooner or later someone will let him know, most likely in a less subtle way then you intend to do. This kid needs a reality check. This ain't no Snoop Dogg video.
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