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Paul Rosen (brand) - Quality?

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Does anyone know this brand and/or has any experience with it?
I own one tie (which seems fine to me) and a pair of jeans which I like as well.

But can anyone comment on the quality of their jackets?

(This is probably just a question for the German users, Paul Rosen being the premium line of Anson's, a menswear-chain in Germany)
The rest of their stuff I looked at looked pretty decent to my eye as well, e.g. the shirts by Thomas Mason with some details which imply that their clothes are made for an audience who knows a little about sartorial matters (extra cuffs and collars, split yoke etc). All in all I like the decent, simple yet elegant style of their clothes in general.
So my hope is that the quality/price ratio is a little better here than in most other brands. Anyone to confirm my hopes?
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No one?
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Tried searching online for any other forum references to PR, to no avail. There's limited reference to the designer Paul Rosen.

I tried with a multitude of terms- Anson, designer, label, etc. but am winding down my search.

Sorry, hope you're having better luck finding what you need.
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Never heard of it. Post anything you've got....
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The New Anson's Store is a Winner

By Meryl Klages

Published: April 11, 2007

The new Anson’s store in the AEZ (Alstertal Shopping Mall) shows a considerable increase in fashion competence. After three months of intensive renovations, the new and more beautiful Anson’s store is hardly recognisable.

Across the huge enlarged floor space, specialists for menswear present an even bigger brand selection, spanning two floors. The new jeans department on the ground floor is an absolute highlight and boasts well known brands like G-Star, Boss and Tommy Hilfiger Denim, as well as many other reputable jean labels. Men’s ready-made clothing resides one floor below. Here, every reputable designer is represented- from Joop, Burberry, Eduard Dressler and Paul Rosen to nobler companies like Boss, who even present their extremely high-class segment, “Boss Selection.”

A stroll through the massive Anson house is much fun, even for sulky non-fashion conscious men. It has an instantly appealing ambience. A new light concept and the use of high-quality natural materials support the understated atmosphere, combining shopping with pleasure and a good feeling. Even the new, spacious changing cubicles allow men to feel more relaxed while shopping. Whether to see the sportswear presentations or to purchase from the new “Exquisite-Department,” Anson’s AEZ is a definite must on your shopping list
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Yes, it's one the the best quality local brand in England. They both have very good quality and a style. Thats what I think and some of my friends who have their products.

You must be very lucky to have one or else I guess it's going to be a bit difficult to get one if you aren't living in England.

Good luck
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