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Shrinking oversize sweaters?

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Has anyone successfully shrunk sweaters without damaging them? 


My father is cleaning out his closet and gave some wonderful sweaters. 3 are larges,however, and I'm definitely a medium. One is a Polo RL, thick cotton yarn in a fisherman pattern. Another is a finer gauge of cashmere, and the tag of the third only identifies it as wool, in a yarn gauge and weight that approximates a typical lambswool v-neck sweater vest. 


Any suggestions?

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I've successfully shrunk quite a few sweaters without damaging them and my son and my g/f  love me for my 'efforts'.  Putting the dryer on high usually does the trick.  Everytime I have done it I have tried shout, "Eureka!!!" but somehow it always comes out as "Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk!!!!!"

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Not sure I understand. "Successfully shrunk quite a few sweaters," yet it comes out as "Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!"


Former or latter?

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just wash in hot water then put them in a dryer on high heat but keep checking on them... unshrinking is waaaaaaay harder to to smile.gif

i've successfully shrunk a few that are in regular rotation but i've also over-shrunk a few nice cashmeres that i'll be saving for my kids now.
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Careful with the wool and cashmere sweaters -- they can turn into felt pretty quickly in the dryer.


I'd try a warm/hot water bath first for those.

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I was able to successfully unshrink 2 wool sweaters with an extended soak in water and fabric softener and then pinning the sweater on a piece of cardboard to dry

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^^^ yeah i have to try that on a couple pieces... i know it can be done it just takes time, patience and some table space smile.gif
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