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Sizing of Traditional Rainwear

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I'm looking for a trench coat. I found one at I read, that the quality should be very good but there are some troubles with the "customer service". So i wrote them an E-Mail because I'm not sure, which size i should take but i haven't got an replay till now (E-Mail was sent on sunday 24.11.). Has anyone some advices for me which size i should take.

My chest girth is about 95cm. I'm 180 cm tall and weight about 65kg. So you can see, that my physique is quite slim.


I would be very grateful if you can give me some advice, which size i should take.

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No one? I'm sure that somebody owns a traditional rainwear trench. I alter between 36 and 38. I even consider to take the made-to-measrue option because i fear, that the sleeves would be too short in 36 or 38.


I would be very grateful if someone could help me. Does anyone have a trench from traditional rainwear in the sizes 36 or 38. That would be great!


Tanks in advance!

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Where are you located? Can't you just call them?
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It should be your chest size, and they should be sized to fit over a jacket. Use your chest measurement- 95 cm is about 37.5 inches, so that probably means you're a 38R. I've never heard of that brand, so I can't speak to if their sizing is standard or runs small or large, but the general idea is that you order the same size you would in a suit or sportcoat.
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Thanks for the replays!


I'm located in Austria, so i think a call would be quite expensive. But i think i will do it anyway.


One question for measuring the right chest circumference. I read that you should measure the biggest part of the chest. I measured nearly directly under the armpits and over the shoulder blades. So i got about 95 - 96 cm. When i measure around the nipples, i get about 91cm. What's the right circumference to define my size?


Thanks in advance.

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Right under your armpits is correct.
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I'm reviving this thread, since I came across a link to Traditional Rainwear in one of the other threads.

Anyone have recent experience with them? I found a couple of older threads and there were complaints of poor customer service:

What I'd like to see are some pics of their raincoat, if anyone has one.
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