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Where to buy darned cheap suit in NYC?

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I'm going to have about 2-3 hrs to spare during a trip next Tuesday to Manhattan and I need to buy a suit to wear to a freaking wedding (just like the fellow below: tux's optional). I haven't worn or owned a suit, or even a sport coast, since my last 9 to 5 job, about 20 years ago. I've always dreaded this moment and it's upon me and I'm in a real dither.

I want to spend a minimal amt of money, as this suit is going to be worn once and after that only at the funerals that are surely headed in my direction, if i don't go first. At the same time, I don't want to look like a doofus or spending the evening in an advanced state of discomfort. I want to go to only one store, at most two. I have no idea what color to get: I'm 52, blond, pale, and skinny fat, if you know what I mean; got any suggestions? (I've always wanted to look good in black; but truth to tell, in black, I look like a cadaver, at best). What I know is that I like single vents and rather low-rise trousers and slim trousers as well.

Got any ideas where I might go?

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cant buy a suit and alter it in 3 hrs. you should rent.
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no no i meant i'd have 2-3 hrs to look around and buy one. the wedding itself isn't for another month. sorry for being so unclear!
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Filene's Basement at Union Square
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Century 21, downtown, by the WTC site.
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I'm thinking cheap is $150-$400. If you are dead set on spending less than $200, go to Jos. A. Bank.

Filene's doesn't have a very deep selection, or salespeople (which may not be a bad thing) but the suits are pretty inexpensive, if I remember correctly, and they have frequent 25% off sales.

Century 21 has a better selection, many more suits in each size, and salespeople. Prices range from dirt cheap to extremely expensive, but there's a lot of stuff in the lower ranges.
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thanks, guys. time permitting, i'll try to hit 'em both. btw/ i went to BB today and Nordstroms and didn't see anything I liked. But I did learn that I'm a 42 L in sleeve length but a 42R in body length. That being the case, I think my main problem is going to be finding jackets in a 42R but with longer than normal sleeves. At BB, they said their jackets couldn't be lengthened as much as I'd need. ...
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Cheap and slim usually equals either H&M or Zara in NYC.
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If you are strapped for time, try the Filene's at 6th and 18th. There is a TJ Max in the same building and Burlington Coat Factory two blocks to the north, also Loehman's over on 7th and 17th. There is also a Men's Wearhouse in the area, but please please PLEASE do not shop will only encourage George Zimmer to make more commercials.
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wow great stuff, thanks, guy.

re: "cheap and slim" -- actually, it should read "cheap and slim and porky in the belly in front." yetch.
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Another neighborhood where you can hit a few hot spots in quick succession is the Wall Street area, where you can try Century 21 (watch's Tourist Season!) and SYMS just a few blocks away.
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Filene's @ Union Square Century 21 by Ground Zero
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