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Chalupa Batman
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That's what we named our daughter, my thinking is that it was a name that sounded good for a baby, teen and old lady.. I hope that made some sense to you lol
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Daphne Velma
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Your little one, will make the name you give them special and clarity will likely be had when you see them in the flesh. Except stripper names. Those stick. Avoid stripper names.
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Danielle (too Jewish?)
I like Daphne! or Daphna. (sounds like transliterated Hebrew. maybe be hard to spell for otherw)
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We had a fair bit of trouble coming up with my son's name. Finding a girl's name was really easy, but, for some reason, a boy's name was a struggle. We probably got it down to 10, maybe a few less, and then wound up gridlocked. Eventually, I told my wife we ought to each pick a couple from the shortlist. After that, we reflected and each chose our favorite, with the agreement that we'd pick from those two after he was born. That's what we did, and it worked out well.

Now that we're on round two, we still have the girl's name, but we're again having trouble agreeing on something for a boy.
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Yeah, I'm sure your kid will think its a hoot, too.


Naming your kid isn't really the time to make a social statement, or to give them a name you find amusing.
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how bout "jesus"
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how bout "jesus"

You mean Hay Seuss?
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You mean Hay Seuss?

only coz you're in texas, a. smile.gif
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like Jesus Somethingjewish? Ballsy
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I've always liked Alex as a girls name
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I've always liked Alex as a girls name

Actually I do too, and it was even my nickname for my wife when first started dating, however, this couple we don't particularly like named their kid something and then immediately foisted Alex as her nickname, so that's out.
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Yes, a feminine name to please your wife that can be shortened for everyday use to a boyish name could be a good compromise, something shortened to "Al" or "DJ" or "Matt" or "Jo"...


Don't worry too much about TV characters names. Those will come and go. Keep in mind you have no control over FUTURE tv character or celebrity names, so who cares? Addison is a great name, its feminine yet serious. I also have a female friend with a boy name: Jesse--not Jessica, not Jessie, but Jesse. She constantly gets mail for Mr. Jesse Somethingjewish.


I like unisex names too, and living in France, I want to have a name for my future child that will be correctly pronounced in European languages AND English, so that's a challenge too.


Ideas for a girl: Pascale, Adrian (not Adrienne), Devon ("is Devon here?" Billy Idol video...)....I really like Addison for your criteria ("Addy")----> street names of major cities that mean something to you are popular now and sometimes not so bad...


I think your thought about not taking someone named Mykenzy seriously at 50 is true today, but no one at 50 has that name today. When kids today are that age, TONS of them will have names like that. It will become the new normal, so, while I agree with your sentiment completely,  don't worry so much about it. The most important thing is that she is not teased at school when she's a kid. The most important thing is that she develops good self esteem. THAT (more than her name) will carry over into adulthood.

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Can't say I'm a fan of unisex names for girls, seems very yuppie-ish/bland affluent suburbia. Also it evokes, for me at least, that anxious form of feminism obsessed with symbolism rather than sincere equality. There could be exceptions of course. Since having a baby is often really just a fun project in engineering a model human, I think it's necessary to question what you think the girl would look like. If both parents are stout, a unisex name would be especially terrible in terms of making her succeed romantically. If she's gonna be a lanky blonde, then yes maybe a unisex name over something hyper-feminine like 'Kitty' would be better.
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Alice - pronounced Elyse
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