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Fred Perry polos are quite nice indeed.
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Modern Amusement makes some awesome polos.
Adidas Originals also has some really amazing polos if you can find the slim-fit ones.
perfect for the beach
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Without a doubt, Band of Outsiders' This is Not a Polo Shirt. They are perfect for me. I'm crazy about them, never mind the price tag.
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Originally Posted by samblackbones View Post
Not a Polo Shirt by Band of Outsiders makes some really pleasant garments. While pricier than than your standard polo, the fabric woven on sweet japanese looms that make fade resistant form holding shirts. That may be meaningless but I have two both of which have held up to washing and semi-rugged wear. They definately look sharper and wear better than any polo I have owned. The shirts also operate on the assumption that one need not demonstrate their status with a logo - which is nice IMO.

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fred perry x raf simons
thom browne

game ova mang
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my thom browne is my favorite
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Just for reference, I own a few BoO polos, and I tried on the new F/W 2010 polo's at Barney's yesterday. Sizing seems to have changed a bit. A size 1 fit me perfect for S/S 2010, but it seems the size 1 has slimmed down and a 2 is more like a 1 from S/S now.
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If your looking for slimfit try Krew they are a skater brand but their polos are perfect if you want slim fit.

Of course the standard i feel is Penguin they have great line of Heritage Fit polos that are super soft made in Peru and slim fit.
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RL fo sho.
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