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I stopped by the Georgetown (DC) Billy Reid store the other day and spoke at length to their sales director about their MTM program. He told me that after taking measurements at the store, they send them to the factory where an actual paper pattern is made for you. Unlike most MTM programs, they don't have any style books or preset patterns from which to choose. "The sky is the limit," I was told. They let the customer decide exactly what he wants and create a custom suit down to the last detail. The salesman, who is also trained to take measurements, described it as a bespoke process rather than MTM since a unique pattern is made for you. He explained that they don't use the term "bespoke" since it tends to confuse most people. Like bespoke, their process also includes three fittings including a basted fitting.
I described the details I wanted and he said they could do just about anything within reason. They also had a pretty extensive selection of cloth books including W Bill, H&S, and Henry Lesser; something you don't find in other MTM programs like Brooks or Ralph.The price for a sport coat was between $1,200 and $1,500. If the process is truly custom as the salesman described, then this seems like a pretty good deal. Has anyone commissioned a Billy Reid MTM suit and care to share their experience?