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Originally Posted by mbaum View Post

Tiki bedford is great. I think through the flower one in the same navy/ white color palette is even better and still around on sale. TBB did a really nice look book pic with it.

Yeah, I picked up that floral one and it is great. Still kind of wish I'd had the balls to go for the turquoisey, blue, green and yellow floral bedford.

I think this is my favourite from SS15. Just love that jacket.

Loving these trousers too.

And this vest from what i can see.
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I love the harem pants (that's what the article called them although they aren't true harem pants). I think it's funny because lately I've been thinking a lot about how a pair of yohji pants would look good with a Bedford and a round collar shirt. Funny Daiki goes and makes some yohji-esque pants. I don't think I could pull off the silhouette and the prints but the solid gray (or blue?) ones I'm going to have to buy.

Also re:how early complaints - last year's S/S 14 presentation coincided with Capsule NYC. This years presentation is the same (next week). Although the look book didn't get realeased until sometime after, we are really only looking at about a week or two earlier than last year. I'm bummed because about a month ago I seriously considered taking the 22nd and 23rd off of work because of Capsule and I suspected an EG presentation would follow. Mad I didn't commit to it!
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the prints are great again for sure.  hopefully some of the japanese shops will carry more interesting printed jackets/pants.

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This will be a bit of a long shot but does anyone know where to find a Medium Green/Olive Ripstop Bedford?

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this might be a long shot as well and you should call to make sure but its still seems available here,
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I called a few days ago and Independence only had larges for the green and a few mediums for the navy.  Thanks for the help though

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ss15 looks sick.
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Selling my size L olive bedford if anyone's interested. Wore it probably 10 or so times during spring, never washed, some temporary creases from rolling up the sleeves.

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So I'm looking at the Foulard Print cinch shorts as well as the Ribbon Chauncey Shirt for that island tropic Cubano summer steeze. Does anyone have any of them and have any thoughts to share?

With the shirt, one part of me asks "Am I really contemplating getting a shirt that looks like summery dress material and will likely field similar comments from the peanut gallery and wife"? The other part of me is saying, "hell yes, wear a ribbon shirt and wear it proudly, maybe even open with my staw trilby and beater flaunting that chest hair". shog[1].gif
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need pics of chest hair to determine potential for cubano steez (no homo)
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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

need pics of chest hair to determine potential for cubano steez (no homo)

Lol. Not sure I should be subjecting the forum to that foo.gif I'm an Italian/Latino hybrid if that helps though!
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ok potential is there then, go for it... (just try to avoid triangle tan chest syndrome)
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Any stockist still have the Brown cinch pant in 32 or 34 ? I just realized I must have them.
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I have a navy ripstop bedford for sale if anyone is interested.

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Still looking for the Navy C-1 Vest in XL...

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