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I pulled the trigger on size Medium. Better loose than too tight I figure. Will report back once received and in hand...
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Thats what I usually do, good luck!
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This is talked about almost regularly but i thought this was worth sharing. This time Monitaly and Engineered Garments have used an identical fabric type.  Quite a lovely piece too.



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^ I noticed that too. How does it work? It means that they don't design their own patterns, and buys their already printed fabrics from the same manufacturer?
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Hardly any companies design their own fabrics. Some can buy exclusivity rights over fabrics for a certain period of time, but generally speaking they will not be made in house unless its a large label. They probably deal with the same manufacturers and select the fabrics independently of what is going on at other small labels.
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Schneider / Leder (and SEH Kelly if you want to include really small scale) are probably the only ones I can think of that design their own. There was some shirting fabric that EG, Epaulet and WvG all used in one season.
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This past season the chambray pineapple fabric was used by Gitman Vintage for a shirt also.
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Generally the above is true, though some of the Japanese workwear brands pride themselves on producing all of their own textiles.

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Yeah, but it's cost prohibitive for a company like EG. I mean, look at the retail pricing on brands that produce their own textiles: White Mountaineering, Kolor, Kapital, etc. Significantly higher than EG, Monitaly, Gitman, etc.
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I don't think Schneider costs much more (if at all) than EG the way things are going. Neither does Leder.
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Originally Posted by catchh View Post

I think its because they got rid of the cinch which I don't get. I liked how you could use them to adjust between sizes.

Also here's more sizing for you:
Fatigue shorts are my favorite of all time. I have 4 pair and have probably done about 1,000 miles cycling in my SS11 ripstop. I was planning on picking up another, but I've always worn them with tabs undone. No tabs will be a deal breaker since I'd have to size up and then they'd be way too baggy/long.
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^ I have similar concerns, but hoping the waist cord will be enough to keep the shorts working for me. If all else fails, I'm going to rock a belt.

I am a huge fan of the zip up side stash pocket added last season. The side pockets on the Fatigue Shorts/Trousers tends to allow coins to drop out a bit too easily I feel.
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Thanks for the explanation. Anyone have any idea of who those manufacturers are, that Gitman, EG, etc. buys from?
Might it be so that exclusivity rights were bought for for example the Salmon Prints as they were that seasons more exclusive and also most expensive fabrics?

Also, can anyone comment on the sizing on this years Ghurka shorts? Last summers Ghurka and Cambridge shorts were both a bit downsized, I could hardly button the 30's, so had to size up to 32's. While FW13 waist 30 pants fit me perfectly.

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Btw Workers did this for their FW13 collection

And here's EG SS14
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Shingles, can't comment on the previous seasons ghurka, but I have a size 32 in khaki, the entire short just feels a bit slim compared to other EG stuff that I've owned or tried on. Think they're going for a slimmer cut all together. All the mediums that I have tried on from ss14, Lafayette shirts, ghurka shorts, work shirts, baker and Andover jackets, are all really fitted for me.
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