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Curious about some jackets i found

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I was checking out a Goodwill today and saw a few sportcoats that caught my eye. The fabric wasn't especially nice, but the jackets were canvas front and had lots of details generally reserved for high end suits: quarter lining, neapolitan roll on lapels (3 buttons, lapel rolls down to second), working button holes on the sleeves, working lapel button hole. I looked inside for identifying labels but I couldn't find anything except a small white tag inside one of the chest pockets that just said "Lopez Hnos, Madrid." I didn't recognize the maker (or whether this tag even referred to the maker), so I was curious if anyone here knew anything. One of them came on a Neiman Marcus hanger, although that just might be a mismatch. I would have bought the jackets and included pics but the sleeves were too short for me to wear them, and I didn't feel like spending the $15/piece.
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Sounds like some jackets made by a tailor in Madrid. Were there any dates on the labels? How old do you think they might have been?
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Yeah, the best explanation I could come with was that they were bespoke/made to measure by some random Spanish tailor; just wanted to see if anyone could shed more light. There wasn't much to go by in terms of tags, I just saw that one tag with the name I mentioned above and nothing else. I'm not good with telling the age of suits, but the jackets seemed pretty well-worn, so maybe I'd throw out ~10 years, but only off complete speculation. Wish I could provide more details.
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the 'hnos' is short for hermanos which means 'brothers'. so the label says 'lopez bros. madrid'. i did a web search and found a men's clothing store in madrid called "hnos lopez s.l." their phone number is: 915 415 832
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Isn' this the famous Spanish bespoke tailor addressed in this article? http://www.elmundo.es/magazine/2002/125/1013789769.html
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