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SHOEPASSION.com - Official Affiliate Thread

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Dear Styleforum,


My name is Tobias and I´m more than pleased to announce, that SHOEPASSION.com has become an official affiliate at Styleforum.


You might ask yourself: „Shoepassion? I guess they do something with shoes ... but who is Shoepassion?“ We have already been discussed her at Styleforum in the past, but i see more questions there than answears. So let me introduce us to you:



Our new collection



Shoepassion was founded in 2008 by two shoe aficionados in Berlin, Germany. The idea and motivation behind the project: Sadly, in Germany too many men opt to wear cheap glued footwear from cheap chain stores, where the price ranges between 50 and 130 Euros. Such shoes are unbeneficial to your foot health, not durable and offer mostly generic designs. Then you have the fine Goodyear-welted shoes from the well-known big names of the business for which you have to pay 500 Euro or more , just for one single pair of shoes. So, is there nothing inbetween? And isn´t it possible to create high quality, welted shoes for an affordable price? 


Considering this, the two Berlin guys did their rounds of the well-known fairs in Europe. Their idea to achieve a much better price: Create your own shoes and sell them online. As an online company you can cut out the middleman and instead of selling your shoes in local stores, just offer them in your own online shop and enjoy the benefits of a broad coverage. Thanks to the possibilities of the digital century you can pass on savings directly to the customer and offer fair prices for high quality shoes.


Truth being told, finding the right partner was difficult. Even if the shoemakers were first interested, they returned the business cards of the our two founders after hearing the word "online". The craftsmanship of shoe manufacturing is very traditional. Finally, they found a really nice manufacture in Spain, which was very interested in our project. 


@ our manufacture



From the beginning, we just wanted to make Goodyear-welted shoes with a focus on high quality formal men´s shoes, which should make up the base of fashion-concious man´s wardrobe. At the same time, we wanted to offer some fashionable designs and shoes crafted from exotic leather like crocodile, lizard, ostrich, stingray oder python.



Some exotic models (lizzard, python, stingray, ostrich & alligator)




We started with the search for the perfect last and the best leathers (French Calf from France, mostly vegetable-tanned in Italy) , designs and many many more. Meanwhile a small team of shoefriends worked remotely on our website (IT, graphic & editors), which had started out as a shoe blog. The idea was to give the most detailed information possible about our products because our online you can’t ask questions directly, as they can in a traditional store. We produced a lot of informational content about leather shoes (I guess we do have one of the biggest compendiums of knowledge about full-leather shoes in the German speaking Internet) and we even took the detailed, 360 degree product photography of our shoes in our own hands. 


Our Design Departement


More than one and a half years later, (Scout’s honour!) it was on Christmas eve in 2009, we launched our new webshop with 20 men’s shoe models. Later that day, we sold our first pairs of shoes online. I really don’t have to tell you that we were as proud as Punch! From there on the first packages were closed with a silk ribbon and seal made of wax and we took them to the post office personally. So we did it - we gave one of the oldest traditional crafts of shoe manufacturing a decent home. 



Over the years we have expanded our collection of Goodyear-welted shoes (until today, we only offer men’s shoes). We have learned a lot about our product from our customers and are constantly improving the shoes. We started with 20 models – today we have more than 130 different shoe models in seven collections (formal, contemporary, exotic ...) with fashionable and exciting designs, colours and cuttings. Later on, we added our shoe care section with all the goods you need for passive (shoe horns, shoe trees ...) and active shoe care (creams, wax, brushes ...), following the principle of a delicatessen shop with selected products from the best European suppliers. Altogether we have 140 care produtcs in 13 categories. To provide customer care over the shoe´s whole lifespan (advice, purchase, care),  we opened our own online shoe repair service a few months ago. Right now we do offer this service only in Germany online and at our store in Berlin.


Our shoe repair service @ work


Did I also mentioned, that we have men’s belts as well, crafted from exactly the same leather and finish we use to create our Goodyear-welted shoes? Thanks to the high-quality leather shoes and belts forms a perfect combination.


No. 492 with fitting Belt (lizzard)


From the beginning we opened freely our doors to the public (but I have to confess, we were just a little surprised when a guy walked into our office room and wanted to see the shoes). In the past, we only had a little show room in our first location and had to make special appointments with our customers. For them, it was a new experience to buy shoes on this personal level. It wasn´t unusual to spend a few hours there, chatting about shoes with a customer. So, last year we moved our office and opened our first store in "Berlin-Mitte". Now shoe lovers can drop into our flagship store in the Berlin’s traditional Ackerstraße, take a close-up look at all of our shoe models, try them on and experience the service excellence of our young team.


Our Flagship Store @Berlin Ackerstr. 23-26



Inside our Berlin Flagship Store

Until last month, we had only been available in German speaking countries, although it was possible to order for customers outside of Germany, too .But as we were receiving a lot of international acknowledgement for instance on dieworkwear.com, or a review from gentlemansgazette.com, it was clear that we had to work on our international presence. Now, we are proud to announce, that "The Berlin Shoe Brand" has launched its English .co.uk- and .com-domains.



Our new English Site



The English SHOEPASSION.com website should help avoid possible language barriers, offering our awesome products to the international market. All visitors to the site can choose between a German, British and international website view, including national currency. The international versions boast the same attention to detail as the German website.


Visitors from the UK go here: www.shoepassion.co.uk

US-visitors and all other English speaking friends of shoes: www.shoepassion.com


So, that’s why I´m here right now at the Styleforum since we had some great experiences with the German "Stilmagazin" (a german version of the styleforum). You can never be so close to passionated customers like here and I will answer all of your questions. I hope that we can learn from your opinion and view of our shoes.


Feel free to post your questions, remarks or requests. You can also contact our customer support via mail: service@shoepassion.com and phone: +49 30 609 8370 30


My advice for a possible order: As an online store we can give all the information about the shoes and its last and the way you could combine its best but every foot is different and nearly every shoe brand runs its own size. So feel free to use our measurement-pdf to make sure you order the right size (you can find the link right under the available sizes for each model).



A precious tip, courtesy of SHOEPASSION.com: Our products are even more affordable for customers outside the EU, as no VAT will be charged for your order.


Thank you for sticking with me, I hope I was able to give you a detailed overview of who we are. However, I guess there will be more questions from you guys, so feel free to ask me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


I want to close my first post with some impressions of the shoes you´ll find on SHOEPASSION.com – Enjoy!




Tobias Boerner - SHOEPASSION.com





No. 625No. 604

No. 543No. 382

No. 471No. 558

No. 597No. 460

No. 438No. 594







Edited by Tobias Boerner - 11/25/13 at 5:56am
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Welcome.  It sounds like a great enterprise, and good footwear at good prices has always been popular on the forum..


Good luck, and welcome again.





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Welcome to SF!
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Some lovely styles there. The buckle boots are looking especially fine!
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nice to see you here. I already knew you but there wasn't really much information about you. I hope we can all learn more about you.
I have to say that sooner or later people will want to know who makes your shoes. I would say yanko. Or maybe meermin.

It's good to have another player in affordable shoes.

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How do you ship to Canada? Your web site lists a flat fee but not a method. I see some winter boots I like. smile.gif
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Hi tattoodobem,



I completely understand the curiosity about the manufacture we are working with, but in reference to our business competition, I can´t tell you the company’s name. I hope you´ll understand.


I’m able to tell you, that in the beginning we weren’t the only customers of this manufacture. But now, we constitute the majority of production. Therefore we have direct access to the processes of development and production. We’re the only ones to have a own production line at this manufacture. 


@Asian Afro

We handle our worldwide shipment with DHL. They deliver to Canada via airmail and then your local partner (i guess Canada Post) takes service. We are currently working on some other choices and when it’s done, I will present them to you.





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I understand. No problem for me i don't care who makes it as long as it is good. 

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Actually I followed your website 2 months ago.

I wonder if there is any sale?

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Hi billabong,

No, we don´t have any sales campaigns at Shoepassion for two reasons:


1) Other shoe sellers have a spring and an autumn collection. So they have to launch new shoes twice a year. When this happens, they remove the old models and sell them with a discount. We just add models to our collection. Most of our styles are timeless and so the collection at Shoepassion.com just becomes bigger and bigger. Four years ago we started with 20 models, now we have more than 130. So we don´t have to make a sale to clear our stock.


2) We can offer you shoes for an attractive price due to the fact, that we are cutting out the middlemen and just selling our shoes by ourselves online and in our Berlin store. So the calculation is very tight and usually you have to pay much more for shoes like ours. 


I know, that wasn´t the answer you expected but you are invited to try our shoes and services. ;)





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Hi everybody,

I received some private messages asking me about the final price of our shoes and the price of our shipping cost. So I take these requests as an occasion to bring up these infos for all of you:


Right now, we are working on the possibility to pay directly in Dollar - until then, you can only see the price for our products in Euro and unfortunatly you have to convert them yourselves. But the good thing is, as a customer outside of the European Union, you don´t have to pay any german V.A.T.


Let me give you an example with our brown double monk, model no. 591


Shoepassion Double Monk - No. 591



The price is based on the Dollar-Euro-exchange rate on 06/12/13  --> 1 € = 1,36 $

The price for the shoe is 219 Euro (approx. 299 $)


Maybe you are also interested in the fitting shoe tree like this one (29,90 € = 41 $)

Ceder Shoe Tree



The shoe and the shoe tree together = 248,90 Euro (340 $)


Minus the VAT of 19 % = 201,60 Euro (275 $)


The shipping cost to the USA is 29,95 Euro (41 $)


Final price for the order of the double monk, ceder shoe tree and the shipping to the US =  231,55 € (316 $)


I hope, this was helpful. I will let you know when you can see and pay directly in Dollar in our online shop.

Do you have any futher questions? Just ask.





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Asian Afro mentioned it in the "Winter boots that aren´t ugly"-Thread ... for the cold days we do have some new Boots in our collection.



Note: All winter boots are equipped with a soft lambskin inner sole and a double outsole.


Feel free to take a look: Shoepassion Boots Collection


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Nice to see more affordable quality shoes on the market. I love your lineup, especially  your No. 542's. Do you know which C&J last this resembles the most? It would be a big help in getting it right the first time around, and not having to send the shoes back and forth before finding the right ones.


Best regards.

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Having searched high and low for a simple, sleek, shearling lined winter boot, preferably black, I came across your advert at Stilmagazin and ordered this pair in an instant:






sleek? check

black? check

warm and comfy? check






The only thing that slightly bothers me is, that I much prefer hooks over eyelets with boots this high; for now I lace them this way. http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/overunderlacing.htm

Since bar lacing, while better looking, is too time consuming when putting on or taking off the boot.


My first impression was great. Having never handled a Shoepassion shoe before I wasn't sure what to expect. Now that I had them in my hands and on my feet around my house I would rank them with Meermin qualitywise and at the same price point as Allen Edmonds and Loake Shoemaker/L1 I believe that they are good value.


I haven't worn them outside yet, currently they are sitting in their complimentary shoe bags, since I am still awaiting a response regarding the following issue with the sole construction.


The yarn seams to have been ground away in one tiny location during the trimming process and I am not sure whether this may have an impact on the durability of the shoe or if this is exclusively aesthetic. I wouldn't want to send the shoe back in after having it already treated with Saphir Renovateur Suede prior to discovering this blemish. Still waiting on an expert's opinion over at Shoepassion.




Overall this seems like a good buy; after wearing them outside a couple months, when we will finally have snow in Germany, I will be able to tell if this proves to be true.

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Hi kjeandersson,


sorry for my late response. No. 542 is build on our classic last. Unfortunately I don´t have a clue which CJ-last resembles the most but maybe you´ll find the answer to that at sizeadvisor.com







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