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Tom james

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Hello All, I'm wondering what everyone here thinks of Tom James suits? I needed a new suit, and as I'm relatively difficult to fit (broad shoulder to shoulder, thin back to chest, thin waist, etc) I wanted to go the custom route as opposed to another Brooks brothers suit with major alterations. I just received the suit and it fits me very well. Problem is I know nothing about clothing, which is why I'm asking about Tom James. Is it a respectable company? Did I get a good deal (around $1200)? If I'm getting a suit of J. Press or Brooks Brothers quality I don't mind paying more for the better fit, but can I find better quality for the price elsewhere? Thanks for any info - as I said I'm completely new to suit shopping and any advice would be appreciated.
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The quality of your experience could vary based on the salesperson serving you. Tom James' highest-end Ventura suits are made by Oxxford, and cost a pretty penny. Their lower-end suits are said to be pretty mediocre. Both Tom James and Oxxford are part of the same company, the Individualized Apparel group. http://www.individualizedapparel.com
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I think it depends on what you get. Check out this link to TJ's website where the various lines of Tom James are described. http://www.tomjames.com/custsuits/features.asp Many different lines.. You can click on each to get a detailed description. About a year ago, I bought two pairs of wool slacks, two shirts and two blazers from the TJ rep. who was plying my company's hallways. Slacks -- very expensive, but beautiful, silky fabrics. As good as Oxxford. Well constructed on interior as well, but not as well as Oxxford. One was about $200; the other about $275. Jackets - I got one RTW that has nice fabric but is nothing special in construction. I get tons of compliments on it though. The other was entirely custom and is beautiful. One of my favorites. Shirts - Basically, individualized shirt company shirts. TTX label, etc. Very nice fabrics though and good machine-made construction. But, you can do better. Overall, I would do TJ again if they were cheaper. The slacks, in particular, are superb. RTW is not worth it, IMO. Actually, since I discovered EBay and have found when the motherloads come in at my local Filene's (clothes from Bergdorf's and Barney's at about 90% off), I haven't further considered Tom James. The catch with TJ is convenience -- they come to your office or home. But you pay for it. They do have nice fabrics for the making, and you can certainly do worse. For about $800-1000 more though, you can get a custom tailor to make you a fully custom suit....
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