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Woodbury common outlet mall

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I will be in Newburgh, N.Y. later this month and am planning on going to Woodbury Outlet Mall since it is only about 15-20 miles away. I do not know how much shopping time I will have, so would really appreciate your opinions and or advice as to where to potentially get the best the deals and the places to avoid. Thanks in advance for your input. Classic
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Classic: There've been a couple of recent threads on this. Youi might want to try a search- perhaps only to the next page.
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If you go to, it'll list the stores in Woodbury and any sales that might be going on. I think someone mentioned Ascot Chang basic shirts were going at $25-50 which seems like a good deal.
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Thanks guys. Trying to maximize what may be limited shopping time. Classic
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What exactly are you looking for? Woodbury has a wide range of stores, from high end (loro piana, gucci, fendi, ascot chang, zegna) to department store outlets (saks, neiman marcus) to everyday outlets (gap. j. crew, banana, nautica)
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I've posted a Woodbury review before and it is just not as good as it once was. Since you are nearby, you might as well check it out, but I'd assume July 4th cleaned out much of their already depleted stock. Here is a previous thread:
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Although Ascot, Loro, Dolce, Zegna and Barney's are of interest to me, I am hoping to get to as many stores as possible. Itzamazing, I had read your review and re-read it. However, you are also correct in stating that since I will be so close, I might as well make the visit. Would hate not going and then read about someone who found a great steal there. Thanks again for your input. Classic
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Something I forgot in my last post: The Ghurka outlet had a bunch of freshwater alligator belts in smaller sizes (30-34") marked down to $100. They were beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't have $100 for a small strip of some poor, oversized lizard.
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I was actually thinking of taking a weekend jaunt to woodbury, has it really fallen that far that it has become to an only if you are in the area type of thing?
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