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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Originally Posted by sipang View Post

I will be there also in a rogue capacity

Pitti party 2k14

I really hope you're serious.

It sounds like people are (unsurprisingly) interested in the grungier brands. Keep the suggestions coming! @LA Guy now owes me two espressos, so I will have an abundance of energy to spend running laps of The Wall.

Kind of. I'll be in Rome in early January and have been half entertaining the idea of stopping by on the way home. Would be cool to tag along but I doubt Pitti will let me unless the SFkrew can sneak me in. I'll be the guy trolling around stretching my legs on the wall for hours on end.
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are you gonna ask the wall how it feels having so many sockless feet on her??

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Hotel officially booked.  I'm now waiting on the others.  More suggestions.

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I can't wait for you guys to report back from Pitti. With that said, can you guys try visiting the Mismo booth? Would love to see their new offerings. 

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I have compiled an obnoxiously long list of brands to check out while in Florence and am preparing to duly report back to you, my brethren, on which deserve your interest, your dreams, and your cold, hard cash. Some stand out a bit more than others; some are already forum favorites, but some are, to my knowledge, 'sleepers.' Over the next month, I'll be updating the thread with a few of the brands that I'm most excited about, in the hopes of getting your figurative and literal juices flowing ad prepare you for Pitti Fever.


A Kind of Guise is a Munich-based brand that makes both men's and women's clothing. It's sleek, it's simple, and I'm looking forward to seeing it in person. At first glance, it reminds me of a Wes Anderson'd Dries Van Noten, with hints of Lederian volume and Coppidgian swag. Everything is manufactured in Germany. There is also an online shop for you to peruse, should you be feeling frisky.

From their "About" page:
A Kind Of Guise started off as a student project during the summer of 2009. What was first nothing more than creating stuff for friends and relatives, soon developed into something much bigger. From those beginnings up until today, we’ve simply tried to continue doing what we love.

While things happen on a larger scale these days, most of the influence we draw originates from our close surroundings. Our first collection consisted of bags made of leather leftovers from an old medicine ball factory in the north of Italy. Today the range of our collection has grown, but we still try to keep the whole production unique and, primarily, as local as possible. Hence we work closely together with only a few select German manufacturers, choosing from local material and always keeping an eye on functionality and quality.
The collections of A Kind Of Guise feature a mix of a wide variety of styles, putting effort into every piece’s uniqueness with a special focus on color and detail.

Most importantly, we want to create long-lasting products with original ideas and great quality. Each item’s wearability is as important to us as its integration into the collection as a whole.

Some of my favorite pieces:

Woolen Melange Blazer

Wide Woolen Pants


Bear Parka

Now, I can see this stuff really getting some mileage on SW+D, particularly as forum tastes continue to shift from 'dear god, my genitals' to 'finally, sweet relief.' A lot of the materials are local, others seem to be high-quality Japanese goods. I"m excited to see their offerings up close.

One of the other brands I'm excited to see is Jun Hashimoto. Since working with Maurizio Altieri, Jun Hashimoto started his label with a focus on
"Life-size clothes. Clothes for the "man of adult tired to fashion" a sense that reached the 30's. I make the detailing involved in the look simple. Fitting also fit with an emphasis on the Chakueki."
Now, I have no idea what that means, but it sounds pretty fucking good, especially the emphasis on the Chakueki. Well-cut, minimal pieces that range from futurebiker gear to...pastel chinos. I'm hoping for the former.

Jun makes a lot of stuff that I want, including jersey denim that I'm too large and American to fit into, as well as Artishard's favorite boots (that my feet are also too large and American to fit into) and a collaboration with Champion that makes sweatsuits look awesome.

Uh, yes please:

A/W 2013 long tailored jacket

A/W 2012 single rider

A/W 2012 Rabbit trench

Champion Collaboration sweat setup

Hopefully that was enough to sate your rumbling bellies for the time being. There is more to come, but my whistle is too damn wet for me to even think about more right now. Enjoy!

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Another vote for U-Ni-Ty biggrin.gif
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i really like AKOG.  nice and simple.  i'll never really have a big need for big warm coats and flannels but they do theirs so well.   Mr hare's great for that louche evening night out.  it's formal with a kind of rogueish feel, but not so much SwD i think.  


i'd love to also see: ally capellino and campomaggi for bags, ts(s), haversack.  


hope you have a great time synth! 

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i just want to see pics of cool guys with beards wearing silly hats. lots and lots of pics. kthnx!
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Will you be drinking wine? Would be cool to hear about the sweet ones. (Moscadello di Montalcino, etc...)

Pigeons also appreciated.
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There's really no way I won't be drinking wine. Now, whether that wine is worth drinking is a different question. Pigeons are a safer route.
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post tastes continue to shift from 'dear god, my genitals' to 'finally, sweet relief.'

yes!, and let this be our salvific hymn:
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This week, we've got everyone's, grungy Venetian drifter/playboy brand, BARENA VENEZIA - Sure to be one of the highlights of the show!.

Barena has enjoyed immense forum popularity this year, and for good reason. The fabrics are interesting, the cuts are flattering, and the clothes are easy to style in a number of ways (grungy drifter would be my choice, but feel free to try out a "rugged but well-heeled farmer's son recently arrived at the city" or even a "landed Italian gentry uninterested in money and generally willing to get finer fabrics dirty"). Available at a number of forum affiliates, Barena is often available at very attractive prices. They make lovely women's clothing as well, so there's no excuse not to spring for your lady friend as well.

As a bonus, their lookbooks are awesome!

Do you see that guy's beard? Like an Italian @In Stitches. If I don't see that guy at Pitti, with that beard, I will be very, very disappointed.

My mouth is watering already.

And, on the ever-so-slightly darker side of things, take a look at TRANSIT UOMO. This is a brand that probably should be more popular than it is on our little
corner of the internet. Think Goth Farmer, just on this side of Jane Eyre and not quite Castle of Otranto. TRANSIT offers looser, comfortable cuts, a dark palette, and fabrics that are meant to show a bit of wear and tear.

Unfortunately, their "About" page only talks about their plans to take over the world or something. Thankfully, their "concept" manages to be completely meaningless:


-Loves the sensation that a top quality raw material conveys
-Prefers timeless designer clothes, a far cry from garish fashions
-Adores elegant, dusky, almost neutral colours
-Chooses quality that has substance
-Makes brave choices
-Aims to be a garment made with love not just a “label”
-Is simply complex

But most of all, TRANSIT is all the people out in the world who believe in what we do.

Right, whatever. I just want to look like an Italian highwayman. Can you do that for me?

Oh, yes:

Ugh, again with the beards! I need to up my whole grain intake or something.

And finally: SNEAKERS

Filling Pieces is an Amsterdam-based brand that aims to offer something something crossover high-low street first to do something haute formality whatever.

They make shoes. Some of them are pretty rad. Here are some adjectives that may or may not describe the shoes:: Quirky, Sneaky, Effervescent, Glib.

Here are some shoes that may or may not describe the adjectives:

Hmmm. Potential, I think, definitely on a Conceptual_4est level. What say you?
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I've gotta have that cardigan

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I for one am hoping for in depth ice cream analysis... I remember having lots of pistachio last time I went to Florence.


Not normally into a darker aesthetic at all (I'm a workwear/EG devotee), but Transit stuff appeals.  Probably because it does have a bit of a workwear and tailoring influence.


Very Synth-esque styling too,


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