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Shoe trees

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Can anyone recommend a good online or phone/mail order source for very good quality "aftermarket" shoe-trees? I have been using both the Allen Edmonds and Johnston & Murphy full foot sprung with the little gold knob to date, but was curious about other options, as several of the Allen Edmonds/Woodlore mechanisms have jammed, and they don't fit loafers well. My local J&M store no longer stocks the gold knobbed ones (sort of a brushed silver now). Just curious if there are some better options out there that some of you may have found.
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I've seen (and bought) many on EBay.
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I just bought a bunch of "ultimate shoe trees" - $30 - from M
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Brooks Brothers had them on sale on-line for about $18 - I think they still might be available.
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I have a pair of those Woodlore shoe trees. It's great cedar, but the heels are too narrow.
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I grabbed a couple pair of the Brooks Brothers trees at $18 bucks a couple of weeks ago; they're made by Rochester and feature a split toe that I think works better in my loafers than the solid-toe kind. I was on the point of buying some Rochesters from this site when somebody here posted about the BBs.
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The Brooks shoe trees don't appear to be on sale anymore. Eighteen dollars would be a good price for those shoe trees (which look like the shoe trees Alden gives you every time you send in your shoes for a factory restoration).
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Last month, I ordered what I was described to me as a "fully lasted" pair of beech shoe trees from C&J. for 40 pounds. Plus another 24 pounds shipping. When these $125 shoe trees arrived, I was thrilled to discover: 1) They weren't even fully lasted, and were in fact sprung; 2) They didn't even fit my C&Js, even after I had a five minute conversation with the guy at C&J to make sure the size was right. Needless to say, I shipped them back to C&J. Did my research, decided that I didn't need lasted shoe trees after all (even at $60 from Shipton) and decided that cedar was the way to go, not beech. The "Ultimate" trees available from Rochester are the best ones out there. They fill the entire shoe, including the heel and the top of the shoe. And at $30, they are a better deal than other cedar trees. On other sites, these same "Ultimate" trees cost $45. Montecristo#4
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