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For Sale:
MA+ 8-Hole Workboots sz. 42

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Really nice boots, but I don't wear them much anymore. Not really a reversed leather guy. MA+ retails for like a gazillion bajillion dollars. Have never seen a pair of their boots up for less than 700.


Unsure of the leather but I think it's reverse calf/cow. Really comfortable. When I bought them the leather had a waxy, pure black color, but as I've worn them the wax has worn off and the leather has developed a really nice brown color in some places. These are the kind of boots that just look better and better––throw them on your feet and let em do their thing. I've worn these pretty heavy but the uppers are in great shape and can definitely take some more abuse.


Heels are pretty worn––might be time for a new vibram or even a new heel entirely (hence the low price). Some of the interfacing is fraying out through the eyelets, though this in no way effects the boots' durability and is not seen when worn. Where the tongue meets the boot there also is a bit of interfacing peeking out, though they were like this when I bought them and, again it does not effect wearability or appearance.


I'll post more of my own pics soon. The pictures of the boots with newspaper in them only reflect the shape, not the waxy treatment or the color. The boots are now more matte and uneven in color. Size 42, running large. I'm a 42.5 and they fit perfect, though if you like your boots on the tighter/looser size a true 42/43 would work.


Paypal with 4%. I ship free in the US and Canada. Anywhere else and I can get a quote. Feel free to PM with any questions or concerns. These boots kick ass and you should but them.