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Your favourite polo shirt

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I haven't tried that many, but here are my opinions in those that I have tried. 1) Ralph Lauren Polo --- collars don't stay in shape after repeated washings, plus I don't fancy the polo player very much. The fabric also gets washed too easily. 2) Loro Piana --- I really like the cut and fabric, but plastic buttons... The one-piece collar is great for polo and sport shirts for me. Looks brand new even after repeated laundering. 3) Hermes --- light fabric, chest pocket (with 'H' embroidered), slightly longer than the Loro Piana polo. I like the pearl buttons but I don't like the flimsy collar. The fabric also creases easily. 4) Cucinelli --- leather zipper, slim, textured fabric. Really like it, though I'd still prefer buttons to zipper. What are your favourites?
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Mine is this Izod polo I've had for years. Hardly a marvel of construction but it's my absolute favorite. It's shrunk to the perfect size and still looks decent enough to wear.
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After trying RLPL (the older versions, not the new ones), RL Polo, Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, GAP, Banana Republic, and SAKS label (and some more, I just can't recall right now...), I personally prefer RL Polo shirts. The RL Polo shirts seem to be the best overall, from repeated washings, to button durability, to fit, to color availability, to customization. They are available in a plethora of sizes, either classic or slim-fit design, tons of colors (including the ability to customize the Polo Player color, i.e. can be designed in the same color as the shirt for a very nonchalant look). Jon.
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Hands down, the RL Polo is the best. The fit is perfect, and as Image stated, can be found in numerous sizes. They rarely fade when washing, if they do, it gives the shirt a great worn-in, antiquated look. The collars are thick and roll well, unlike the flimsy Lacoste garbage (I own many of these as well). And, I actually like the polo player logo. It's not the least bit garish (unlike the LV monogrammed stuff), it's discrete and adds a bit of styling to an otherwise boring shirt.
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I've got to go with Mike C. on this one, the RL polo shirts wash up better than Lacoste, and they have a better and more extensive color palate. I'm usually against any logos, but sometimes a neat contrasting color for the RL logo actually improves the shirt.
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is lacoste really that bad? am i a fool for wanting more crocodiles? i have to admit i'm enamored of their look and their history...but if they're really that poor in comparison to RL Polos... maybe there are different levels of quality in the lacoste line? are they all pique, or do they have some softer knits as well? the other thing about ralph lauren is, they are ubiquitous. I kindof like having something a little out-of-the-ordinary. /andrew
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I am a big fan of the custom-fit Polo RL shirts. I find that the regular Polo shirts, as well as most other brands (including Lacoste), are too full in the body. I do wish Polo used nicer buttons (ie MOP) but that is really my only complaint.
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is lacoste really that bad? am i a fool for wanting more crocodiles? i have to admit i'm enamored of their look and their history...but if they're really that poor in comparison to RL Polos...
In my experience the quality is day and night. RL is definatly better than Lacoste. However, I do own and like Lacoste, it's just that they never fit as well as the RL slim-cut polos.
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Apparently, Lacoste has slim-fit shirts least I think that's what I saw on the NM website. Regardless, I still think RL Polo's are the best bang for the buck, plus for a mere $5 more you can customize them. So what they don't have MOP buttons? If that is the only drawback, I'll take it. To copy Gregory: "Jon endorses Polo Ralph Lauren": Jon.
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You could always buy some MOP buttons and sew them on (or have them sewn on).
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if RL added MOP buttons they would jack the price up to at least $65 IMO... hardly worth adding them to this kind of shirt IMO. Nice to have? Sure. I would give it to Polo as well, as I like both the regular and Purple Label polos. As for the collar, on the regular polos, turn it up before throwing it in the wash and it's fine. Some of the RL polos made with pima cotton, etc. look/feel good but have terrible collars. Lacoste is fine, but too much money for what it is.
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I'm not sure if you would consider this a true polo shirt, but I favor those by either Bobby Jones or Pringle. Both have pearl buttons, very fine fabric, and run slightly large so that the shoulders of a medium fit me nicely (I wear a 42 jacket) while the body is somewhat trim. Best of both worlds imho. Regards, Jeff
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I've worn RL polo shirts for many years, but for a beautiful and sumptuous polo shirt you might try the Sea Island cotton pique polo offered by Carstarphen.
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I believe that best polo shirts are John Smedley ones. Construction standards are far, far better than Lacoste's, Sea Island cotton or New Zealand merino wool fabric, MOP buttons, made in England. But I still purchase Lacoste's shirts from time to time. Why? Because they are available in cotton pique, and I love this fabric. Andrey
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I don't own any polos, but I was thinking about getting a few for next Summer. Has anyone tried Lands' End's pima cotton polo shirts?
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