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I had a couple of questions about caring for some of my Black Tie accessories, and I thought that, in a broader sense, this might be a useful discussion for others as well.  There are many ways that formalwear is, essentially, the same as informal and business wear - suits, shirts, shoes, and so on - but there are some elements unique to formalwear.  Perhaps this thread might become a bit of a resource.


My most pressing questions are:

Is there anything, in particular, different about laundering, and pressing a piqué front/Marcella shirt?

How should I clean and care for my silk dress hose?


Some other things I am wondering about:

Is there any particular care that extends the life, and/or improves the appearance of, silk facings?

How should one polish patent leather?

How should a tailcoat be stored if there is no full length space to hang it?

I don't have any, but how should detachable collars and stiffened shirts be stored and cared for?