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boiled wool
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Did you take the red pill or the blue pill?


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I couldn't help myself. It looks good, though.
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and a vote for my separated at birth twin, kg.
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subscribed. will try to participate.
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SW&D is running away with this.

Clags, with a solid shirt, I think that could have worked.
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I switched my scarf once I got home yesterday but only managed to get a pic of scarf and overcoat together at rest:

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Scarf it up.  


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Cross post
Originally Posted by el Bert View Post

Detail shot

Schneider Bee
Peir Wu: applicated scarf, flannel trousers
AA Tee
Marsell boots

I guess I'll join Friday scarf challenge.
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To my eye, the SWD crowd take much more artistic photos...interesting locales, dramatic poses, etc. So I got out of my office for today's photo. Can't claim it is at all dramatic, but it's at least more visually interesting than my office.



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My humble non SWD submission.

photo e8702538-52b0-411e-ab2c-e0dad1d02abf_zps45b7152b.jpg

photo b441123a-c6fc-43e3-af4b-3b305e3b2317_zps743c3278.jpg
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
photo 2c45391f-bddc-4888-8be1-7e7cb6ee18b1_zpsb20e193d.jpgphoto 9bcdc508-a1a6-4a8c-b415-6ec665796a57_zps41888d50.jpgphoto IMG_7298_zps8d552893.jpg
Overcoat - Hickey Freeman
Scarf - Pendleton
J Press
Vintage Kilgour tie
Square is a vintage wool tie converted to a square by me
Belt unknown
Vintage Kilgour trou
Alden shell
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well done, shugz.
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