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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

vurr nice, ian.

i feel like vox could rock this with a tux, top coat, and white scarf.

vox could rock anything with anything, vox is god

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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

old one but it still counts right?

A scarf is no substitute for a proper beard. This should be DQed.

Tirallieur knows what I'm talking about.
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Keeping it 100.
100% cotton Boglioli jacket
100% cotton J. Crew shirt
100% Vicuña Alan Payne sweater
100% cashmere Johnstons scarf
Silk Wool Ikire Jones “New Lagos” square (ok fine I cheated)
Creed Royal Scottish Lavender
Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1947 501
Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren “Lindrick” boot in Horween shell cordovan
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College scarf / spongey tweed herringbone / LVC / Clarks
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Nothing. Here it goes.


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i like.
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photo prkr1113a_zps8dc7b696.jpg

photo prkr1113b_zpsf7691591.jpg


cord du roi suit 

floral scarf

tassek loaferz

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From a couple of weeks ago. Can't remember whether I actually summoned the gumption to walk out the door wearing this lot.


Scarf is linen, made by some local artisan in Sydney. I received it as a birthday gift. Hat is Akubra, PS Longchamp, jacket Canali.

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Featuring Barbour Chelsea, Barbour Tartan Scarf, and the "little" Hulk

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very cool, parker.
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Running away with it, Parker.
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very cool stuff from swd and cm.

i took this awhile ago but i wore this again today with black trousers.

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More SWD here, sorry.

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Not my entry (that would be the CM one posted upthread), but just for funsies, a somewhat more SWD-friendly (perhaps...) scarf fit:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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steveoffice will getting a stitchy vote, ill tell you all that much.
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