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Friday Challenge 11/15/13 -- Scarves

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Challenge is wear a scarf.  Even if (especially if?) the weather isn't that cold.  Heavy scarves, light scarves, small scarves, long scarves, tied in a loop, around your head, like a tie or around your waist.  Just do it :)


This is open to MC and SW&D btw

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just (Click to show)



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and gdl wins again!

i think i will try and play, despite the fact that i have no scarf game at all.

ill just get it over with now. x-post from SWD WAYWT.

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Can't beat the mighty towelwrap!!


Ignore all these below when it comes to poll time; decided to go with a different entry, posted later!




Will submit my fit from today for now. Will try to enter a pic wearing a more fancy scarf later in the week, but here's a placeholder entry for now:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Some older pics, for CM scarf ideas:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



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Should be able to post a fit(or two maybe, one decidedly SW&D and one that's more CM) before friday :)

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I'll give it a shot, WAYWT from a few days ago (Stephan Schneider scarf):

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I'm in. I think
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old one but it still counts right?

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Silk scarf as a shirt (yes I actually do this). Allows me to put on wool suits in Caribbean weather

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From a week or two ago, hopefully recent enough... sorry for the mediocre image quality. 



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from last winter.

maybe if i replace the light bulbs in my light i'll get a fresh one up later this week.
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