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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

That looks good to me bud!
What's the shirt?

Shirt is Ervell
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Hey guys, pants are up on peirs shop now!
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Haha she actually put up the description about no diaper affect 


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Peir is super cool like that!
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Originally Posted by thats.mana View Post

How's the weight? Think they'll work for a hot, humid climate?

Pretty light. I know it isn't hot yet, but I wore them out in Dallas yesterday when it was humid as hell and they felt nice and breezy.
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Just got my Snowpants back from the tailor.

I had them shortened to hit at the ankle, since I prefer that over the rolled look. I also had them tapered from the knee down to a 7" hem.

In my opinion, this makes them more easy to wear and makes them feel less like a "big" pair of pants. So if you're having trouble with their wearability (like some have expressed), you could try a taper.


They're pretty much the perfect pair in every way now, from the fit to fabric and construction.



Worn with FW12 bomber and Ann D creeper derbies.

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They look really good, I like a break in them though.
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I see a few pairs of these in the Marketplace and obviously anyone who pre-ordered couldn't try them on, so I was wondering what the general consensus is when it comes to the fit?

Would the recommended fit be tts, -1 or -2 sizes?
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You measure around your hips (a bit above where you wear your jeans/regular pants) and take the size that the measurement translates to.


For me that was my regular size, but the measurement for these pants is half an inch smaller than all my other jeans and pants. I'm a 48, all my pants measure 34" around the waist, these measure 33.5". It seems like some guys didn't account for that these are worn higher up and thus the waist measurement can be smaller (well, unless you have a gut).

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Thanks for the reply.

I too am normally a 34" pant, but generally wear a 50 in pretty much everything because I have larger athletic thighs. I'm trying to figure out my size in these and the thigh measurements don't look overly big, but when I see fit pics they seem really roomy and flowy through the thigh. Is this because of the longer rise?
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I lift weights too and have built legs and can't wear slim jeans and pants anymore. I have to buy specific cuts to fit my legs or size up in slimmer models. I think you should be fine with the size 48. And yes, the thighs seem smaller on the measurement chart due to the longer rise. Check my fit pic on this page.

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It's the middle of July, so I wore my Snowpants. :)


photo pkr721_zps441e7b61.jpg


Ys blazer

moca x sol lewitt tee


forfex sneakrs

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