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Fake polo shirts on ebay

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Dear Gentlemen, I recently bought two Polo Shirts on Ebay and I am not sure if they are fakes. There are a couple of details that made me suspicious: 1) The cut is much bigger than the Classic Fit Medium I usually wear - the shoulders are much too wide. 2) The buttons are not attached using cross-stitching and the buttonholes are low quality 3) The label says "Made in Philippines", my other shirts do not have a "Made in ... " tag 4) The Polo Player logo looks thicker and less detailed than on my original shirts 5) Overall stiching is irregular and very low quality I attach some pics of these details below. Please let me know, if these shirts are fakes. This seller has sold hundreds of Polo Shirts and still sells them. Thank you very much.
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Well my 3 Pink Pony shirts have a much more detailed Polo Player. You can distinctly see 3 knots on the reins going form the horse's head to the player's hand. As, well the buttons are unlike those I have in any one of my Polo's. As well, the tag is incorrect, as all the Pink Pony tags I have seen are specifically made for the Pink Pony campaign. The blue Polo Player on the pink shirt looks very suspicious, its like they did not even try to make a decent fake. Jon.
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Thanks. Any more opinions? What can I do if they are fake?
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I am getting some more RL Polo's today (via FedEx Home Delivery, which is really really horrible and their website / telephone service is just incoherent when it comes to tracking items, but that's another story...), when I get them, I will compare them to the pics you posted. But, seeing as they look fake (at least to me, recalling from memory), you should contact the seller and ask for a refund, whilst returning the fake items back to him / her. Jon. EDIT: It's now 4:55 pm and FedEx Home Delivery has yet to arrive. Did I say their service is horrible? I meant severely atrocious. I mean a service that lets you know you will receive your package between 9 am to 8 pm, is just plain worthless. What's the point of having tracking numbers if it takes 2 days to update the information on the website? Polo might as well ship the items via the US Postal Service...
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Before requesting a return/refund, I'd do some more research into whether these are fakes. IMO, what you have here isn't enough -- it's just speculation. For example, we all know that many stores make clothing of lesser quality for their outlets. These could fall in that category. Another possibility -- Polo is a huge, multinational company -- I'm sure there are fakes out there, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn that Polo has a factory in the Phillipines (or subcontracts to a shirt-maker in the Phillipines) that makes shirts strictly for the Asian market (yet which may find there way to other markets via EBay, etc.).
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