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What are YOUR essentials?

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We all, I think, know what the "essentials" in a wardrobe are -- those two worsted suits, a navy blazer, some kind of tweedy jacket, gray flannels, light blue shirts, tasteful solid ties, black captoe oxfords. We have Manton's list to remind us of the bare sartorial bones.


I'm curious about the items that other members consider "personal essentials" -- the items of clothing that might not be something everyone needs, but which you wouldn't want to do without. I think we can safely leave out those items required by the weather.


For myself:


-A camel hair jacket, with patch pockets and swelled edges.

-Silk hanks.

-Moleskin trousers.

-Tattersall shirts.

-Prescription sunglasses (as a glasses wearer, of course).

-Some kind of wristwatch.


What are yours?

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Navy odd trousers....hate all you want, I find a number of ways to pair these, flannel, worsted, chino, etc.
white linen square...pretty much all i wear these days
navy barbour quilted jacket
well worn baseball cap...not MC, but a great look for the weekends.
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-Brown loafers/ranger mocs
I have several pairs in shell, calfskin, and chromexcel pullup leather

-M65-style jackets (sans epaulets)
I have a bunch of them in different weights and fabrics. Waxed cotton, thin poly, GORE-TEX, heavy flannel. The 4 pocket design is very helpful. Reduces clutter in pants pockets. (Wallet, keys, phone) They get lots of compliments too

-Regular fit, mid-rise jeans with slight taper

-RRL selvedge officer chinos

-Merino v-neck sweaters in grey, green, navy, brown
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As far as things not on Manton's list:

- Cream linen jacket for summer
- Linen odd trousers for summer when CBD is not required
- Houndstooth odd jacket for fall / winter
- Pink shirts
- Ferragamo black bit loafers
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Driving shoes (SS) and desert boots (FW) are my go to non suity footwear, along with Stan Smiths and Gazelles.

Panama hat for the beach.

Linen and cotton SCs, linen trousers.

Polos and linen casual shirts.
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Originally Posted by archibaldleach View Post

As far as things not on Manton's list:

- ...
- Linen and seersucker odd trousers for summer when CBD is not required
- Houndstooth odd jacket for fall / winter
- Pink shirts
- ...


I seem to recall it was conceded early on that the original (and excellent) list might have been a bit shy of warm weather items (or maybe that was the Five (or Six) Essential Shoes List).


In addition to the above items mentioned by archibaldleach:


* A white linen square


* A wristwatch.  I can't imagine getting through the day without a watch.


* My old burgundy shell LWB's.  I regard them to be mort versatile than many here do.


* A nice pair of boat shoes or camp mocs (due to my personal aversion to the loafers-without-socks look)


* solid color polos.


* a pith helmet (but only one with a tasteful, conservative hatband).

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The full black tie rig is my only essential because it is pretty much the only requested uniform these days (at least for me). Most other specific items I can make do without. I do wear a watch and carry a phone most days, but I consider those functional rather than for dress.
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like this spot
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Originally Posted by ThinkDerm View Post

like this spot

td what are your essentials?
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Bespoke cardholder / wallet by Igor semonov
Galaxy Nexus phone
Thinkpad laptop

Solid gold sets of collar stays (bespoke)
Several cufflink sets by Trianon and bespoke

Horn glasses by Gold and Wood
Aviator sunglasses by paul smith/oliver peoples

Watches: Cartier prices monopusher; Lange saxonia manual

100% Vicuna vintage overcoat by Liberace's tailor

Broken in and repaired denims

Incotex mid grey flannel trous

Sweater jackets by drumohr

EGs and Santoni

Array of gloves, belts (tubo crock with bespoke sterling buckle)
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