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Hi guys,


I just bought a pair of OP Sheldrake from Toni&Guy opticians online but I do want to make sure it is real.


I have checked different signature details with some others posted on the internet and have a few questions about the authenticity of my pair of OP.




1. My pair of OP is OP 5036 as written on the inner side of the left temple. The end of the right temple has "Made in Japan" printed on it but when I search this model from OP Japan website, I could not find any Sheldrake. Does anyone know whether this model is made in Japan or Italy? 


2. The logo (circular frames/triangular frames/square frames) at the end of the left temple of my OP is flat (Attached below). But I have seen some from the internet and their logos are raised up a little bit from the base they are sitting on. Does OP uses flat logos at the end of the left temples for some models?





Thanks for your help!