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J crew sale

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I know folks round here decry (validly) J Crew's quality, and they've been REALLY beholden to the preppy trend, pretty much forever. But for those of us on a strict budget but with stylistic aspirations they have some nice stuff. If you check out their website soon, they should still have some summer sale selection. This stuff goes quick. Pick up a seersucker suit (they don't use real sizes, unfortunately) for like $140.   I'm embarrassed by my emoticons - doesn't anyone wish there was a way to express tone less associated with middle school kids? GTG, LOL, TTYL. oh, right, www.jcrew.com.
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For preppy, I would think the Brooks Brothers, J. Press, Ben Silver, and of course Polo Ralph Lauren would make for better choices, both in quality and design. I have not had luck with J. Crew items, everything seems to fade quickly, wear badly, and lose much of its overall appeal with repeated use. Jon.
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I still like J. Crew for a lot of weekend wear. Polo is indeed a better option, but sometimes you don't want to spend a ton on stuff that you're going to be horsing around in. Plus, I like the fact that J. Crew rarely puts a logo on anything. I like J.Crew's khakis, and believe it or not they had some pretty nice striped ties for a song this past season.
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I think you pick up some good values at JCrew on sale. Like anywhere else, you have to be picky, but JCrew is a staple of their look, which is one I tend to like. Yes, I've found their ties to be of comparable quality with many other decent level ties, and on sale they (some of them) can be good choices.
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If I were going for a preppy look at a deep discount (during sales) I would go for GAP and Banana Republic. In my experience, their clothes are better made and will last longer than J. Crew's. Also they do not usually label the exterior of their clothes, so if you don't like that (a la Louis Vuitton), then they are perfect (for you). Jon.
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I have found J Crew to be far superior to the Gap and on par with Banana Republic. Additionally, J Crew has classic preppy styles that cannot be found at either of the other stores. I would like to check out J Press, but I cannot find them online. -Tom
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Tom, www.jpressonline.com They're a little pricey for stuff I can get for cheaper at Brooks Bros., but their pedigree is more consistent, if that's important. I think their 1984, 1994, and 2004 collections are probably all quite similar. Looks Like they're having a sale, too. "Madras ties, sweet." -PCU
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Sweet, thanks for that address. I've been looking for J Press online also.
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Be careful with JCREW (and Banana Republic). Sale prices on the website tend to be higher than the retail store for certain items. If you do find an item in-store that is lower and it is on the website, the website will honor the lower price as long as you provide the store location.
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