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Shoe Fans Gathering in Taipei, Taiwan!

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The mother of all shoe fans gathering took place today, Nov.9, in Taipei Taiwan. Named 十人十色 (10 Individuals, 10 Flavors), the event was co-sponsored by John Lobb Taiwan, MClassic (St.Crispin distributor), Timeless Fashions (G&G distributor), and Gentry (Taiwanese online fashion forum, a Chinese version of SF or sorts). A conference room in the chic W Hotel Taipei was rented out for the day to display the sponsors` shoes, and more importantly, the dazzling collection of shoes gathered from local Taiwanese shoe aficionados. I had the privilege to be invited to the event, and I also contributed some of my own shoes for display.

The event itself was non-commercial in nature (no transactions), and visitors were encouraged to touch, compare, and discuss between shoes from 20 or so brands, hi and low ends, bespoke and RTW, new and used. Pretty amazed by the number of shoe aficionados in Taiwan who showed up, and I was told that through the past two incarnations (the previous one took place in Summer), the scale of this event has doubled.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
John Lobb Booth

Gaziano & Girling

A wall of Gaziano & Girling shoes. Must have been close to 40 pairs.

Saint Crispin`s booth

Saint Crispin`s Seemless Wholecut

Herring Shoes display

Famaco polishes, from France

Table full of shoes borrowed from local shoe owners

G&G agent and JLP rep in shoe discussion....

Family outing.... a lot of men actually brought their families to the event

Taiwanese dandies

A Man and a shoe

Lots of choices @ Saint Crispin booth

An awe inspiring number of G&Gs

The room was well lit with natural light

Girls interested in men`s shoes

`Look at the hand-stitched bottom on this bespoke!`

From right to left: Ricardo Besteti, Zonkey Boots, John Lobb, Vass, G&G Deco...... unbelievable sight

Joshua, the JLP rep

JLP booth, always busy

Vass U Last and Spigola Last..... cousins, side by side

New and aged Trickers

My favorite StC from the show.... 2-Eyelet Apron Front Derby in Russian Calf w/ Norvegese stitching

Yes, I had to make sure some Japanese shoemakers were represented here!!

`Won`t I look cool in these white shoes??`

W Hotel`s Strategy Room (aka conference room)

Kudos to the organisers of this event! I`ll be looking forward to the next incarnation, probably with even more sponsors and collectors joining the fray.

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This is an epoch-making event.:bounce2:


Keep up the fantastic work!

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Nice!! Missed the event by several weeks or I would bring my loot.
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Originally Posted by chogall View Post

Nice!! Missed the event by several weeks or I would bring my loot.

Everyone expected JLP to bring some or all of their bespoke samples from their Taipei boutique, but they didn`t...... your`s would have been saved the day biggrin.gif
Several guys I met today actually asked about you.... smile.gif
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