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Originally Posted by marcodalondra View Post

OP, this is a Classic Menswear forum and you will not find anyone in here liking the above. As the name suggest, classis menswear is made up my timeless items of clothing that makes men separated from Kids. I suggest you spend some time browsing through the pages an get acquainted with the idea.

If you are still a kid and insist wearing stuff like the above, there is a separate forum on this website for Streetwear and denim, you may want to move there.

PS: I would not buy any of those items even if I was still 16... And it will be one season stuff

I'm not a kid,  boss, you keep to your style and your condescending comments in your tailored socks.

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Originally Posted by Max13 View Post

I'm not a kid,  boss, you keep to your style and your condescending comments in your tailored socks.

Apologies for assuming there was a possibility that you were a kid... I had gathered that from the fact that you wanted to buy some cloths because they had a signature that your GF thought was cool... No matter the quality or the general style of it. As you said in your intro, this is a womanswear designer that was doing the first and only range for H&M, so not even someone know for designing stylish menswear.. Again this is the wrong forum, but as a general suggestion, even in your situation, after the GF had pointed you out to this range, you could have investigated better and then, after also have found the right forum, asked between the range you were considering and personally like, which one people would have bought... instead it does look like that you have not clue and that you must buy one item at least because the GF said so..

BTW, I have worked (advisory) in the past with retailers making such range with designer, and the purpose for the designers, other then money (which the premium price will pay for), is to create an introductory range for people to try so that they can buy into the luxury own range later...The range is still made under the retailer normal specs, made in developing countries, with cheaper materials. However, the Designer in question will not even have a menswear line after this, so you are really just overpaying for the hype.
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All dreadful.
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Personally I like H&M-collabs simply because you can often get nice deals at 50-80% off (got the side-zip boots from their MMM-collab from last year for 45$, and they are still going strong)
So my advice would be:
1. Don't decide on anything until you have a chance to check the stuff out in person While the stuff will be far better quality than normal H&M it still won't be any amazing quality.
2. When you have decided what pieces you want, wait until those pieces get on sale

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By far the best thread.
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I just saw this thread and really liked it. I think my response is too late... anyway, my opinión would be that you could choose something more classic and that is not going to be a "one season hit". The Isabel Marant collaboration for H&M had a pair of great wool coats. I have a friend that works at one H&M store and he was able to get them for me using his 75% employee discount. So I could have both for $150 USD. They are great quality (100% wool) and have a nice fit.


HMforIsabelMarant10.jpg 192k .jpg file


As far as I know, the collection is now totally sold out and not a single piece was left for discount. Whay did you finally buy?

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I ended up getting nothing from the collection...


I was able to convince my gf that the clothes was way too unisex (I found a quote where Marant says this was done on purpose for the line.) However, I agree with you. If I had had a 75% discount, as you did, then I would have definitely gotten a few of the more "classic" items. 

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Lol late as hell but Anyone who a
Still has a pair of the black biker denims size 30 never worn with tags please shoot me a DM:slayer:
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