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Calling out Epaulet and Ledbury......

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Word on the street says you fellas are into shooting sports. I say we find two more designers that are into sporting clays, wobble, trap, or skeet and have ourselves a little tourney.
I am prepping for deer seasons now and I know the holidays are bad for everyone, so we couldn't have the tourney until Spring. That will give you time to brush up on your shooting game. We could make this a great event. Everyone can dress respectively in their label and shot a few rounds. I would personally be willing to make a trip up NY or down to Richmond, being in the D.C. has in perks ( sometimes).
After the tourney we could do a pop up shop for a couple days to make it worth while. Not that bragging rights wouldn't be enough.
We could even make it a charity event. So, what do you say boys.


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I got excited and went shooting shot three rouds of wobble. 23,23,23. My nerves cracked I couldn't shoot a perfect game. I will by Spring.
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Anyway I had a great day at the range. 24 ,22, and 23. I just can't shoot a perfect game. WTF. So, if I don't hear from Mike or the Ledbury dudes I think the idea is still cool but have clients and fashion guys that love tweed and guns come out. It would be so much fun. Roast some kind of animal. It could work!icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I spoke with Mike from Epaulet. Thank you for the prompt reply, Mike. He is in LA so traveling isn't the best for him and he is expecting an addition to the family, so that rules him out. Congrats again, Mike! Let's see if we hear something from Ledbury. They're right down the road from me.
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Mike PM'ed me again . I had no idea he moved out to LA but he did offer to go blow some shit up when I am out in LA. Mike's a great guy.
Good luck in LA,Mike. See you soon.

Now I am wondering if Ledbury will get back to me....

I also found out the wounded warriors pay out less than half of what the raise to vets, not cool. However there is another program called "ivet" that gives 90% of what they raise to vets. I would like to support "ivet" witha charity "Tweed shoot out" #ifitfliesitdies
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