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Is this suit jacket too short?

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I recently got an MTM suit and the jacket is a shorter than what I'm accustomed to. I realize that shorter jackets are the fad du jour in some circles these days, but is this too short (or can it fall within the range of acceptability)? This is meant to be a work suit and was looking for a relatively modern cut. Other than this point, I do like the suit.


As points of reference, it goes past my wrists and when making a fist, it reaches the edge of my fingertips (just barely).





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Irredeemably short - take it back to be remade correctly unless you agreed to it - in which case, caveat emptor.
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Too short for my taste, but it is the trend. I know one suit designer who cuts his own jackets to the tip of his trousers, to me that looks like you are either wearing a kids jacket or are a waiter in some absurd French restaurant.

Short is in...just not with me.
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So do you think it's short even for a "short" jacket?

Any real options to lengthen here? Not sure how much extra fabric they really have in that area to work with, so I presume not.
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No way to tell if it's too short without a full-body shot. But I'm already pretty sure I don't like the jacket.
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The high buttoning point also exaggerates any shortness. I personally really dislike high buttoning points like this one.

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Back looks ok. Front is hard to tell because of the angle. It's shorter than I would prefer for a "work" suit, but it might be within the range of acceptibility if your pants are sagging a bit in this photo. Buttoning point is very high. Try pulling your pants up a bit and see if the bottom comes down to your crotch. If not, then your suit is too short.

I doubt you can lengthen the body of the jacket.
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It's short but not too short.
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Back looks ok to me, like others have said the button stance makes it look shorter at the front.

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Too much supression for my taste. I agree with IVAR, a full body shot (front, side & back) are in order. Welcome to Styleforum Terrier.
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Short but not too short.

It will either be dated or you will grow out of it in a couple seasons.
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Too short and I lean short(though this depends on body type).
Probably borderline enough that you can wear it though.
The back does seem long enough. And the pics might be giving a slightly false impression but the one where the jacket is buttoned makes it appear to be a certainly poor fit.
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