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Scarf basics 101

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Hi Gents,

I am interested in hearing views on a core collection of scarfs for colder weather. Sorry Miami folks - this wont really apply to you.

Let say one wants to have 3-5 core scarfs that will works for most occasions. I guess we will also need some basic assumptions about overcoat and suit colors? Dont want to over think this but lets assume the basic key parts of a watdrobe and see what scarfs will complement this.

Shall we say basic solid suits in navy blue, grey and charcoal and maybe a few with stripes? Then for overcoats, how about basic charcoal, navy blue and also a tan trench. Ties - basics, too, navy blue, burgundy, silver/grey, midnight blue with pindots, brown....

Here is my guess:
1. Solid grey or charcoal
2. Solid navy blue
3. Solid burgundy
4. Herringbone grey
5. Prince of Wales or other traditional plaid.

Not sure on materials. I like both lambs wool and cashmere. Any thoughts on material and textures?

I look forward to some more experienced folks views.....
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Well here are my thoughts:
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While I'm a pretty conservative dresser, the scarf is one of the few areas where I cut loose. If you're wearing a solid color suit, white dress shirt, and solid or simply patterned tie, a solid navy scarf is going to seem too dull. I like paisley scarves, plaid scarves, one solid ribbed one (but it sees the least use)... it's not like I have a huge collection of scarves though.
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I own 4 scarves, and ONLY wear them to help keep warm. as it is bitterly cold where i live. 

but a scarf as an accessory?   for fashion only purposes????   - Never!  if you live in a warm city, and wear a scarf with a t-shirt (and s/c)????. it's an Auto-fail.


however, the op, said he lives in a cold city. so i recommend 4-5 scarves, in varied colors. so you have more capacity for creating fits. Black,grey,blue, a tartan, and a brown. all varied patterns, and textures. cashmere can be great if wool makes you itchy.

also the overcoat(s) you intend to wear will have to be considered, and if the sidewalks are too icey and slippery, will you be wearing boots? or something like Doc marten's shoes?  Alden's ,etc will have you falling over everytime you go outside. i wear FRYE boots and Timberlands. with a Crombie overcoat or a vintage military db trench.  so the scarves you choose will need to consider your entire wardrobe like a tie normally would in summer.



101? = no snow,or cold wind-rain.- no scarf. 



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The basic scarf...

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interesting thoughts Gents.  Thanks.


I am seeing the value of a bit more color/patterns as my overcoats and suits are mostly solid.  So I could use some spice.


I like the two colored herringbone ones very much - grey/white, navy/white....  


Are cashmere warmer?  last better?  than lambswool.

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In milder cold weather, I opt for cashmere or a lightweight lambswool. For conservative applications, I'll wear a scarf in darker, quieter colours such as burgundy, navy, forest green, and charcoal greys. Muted patterns such as paisley or plaids. On these milder of days, I tend to wear my scarf with only a sliver of it showing, thus allowing my shirt and tie to show. Therefore, the scarves I use must not fight the tie colours & patterns yet also should provide some contrast to the coat colour.
For the colder of days, I'll either wear my peacoat, top coat or duffel coat but I will opt for heavier wools and usually much brighter colours and patterns, since on those days, my shirt and tie will be covered, and the scarf now provides a point of interest as well as a necessary covering. I will never wear an overly long scarf that is wrapped around my neck several times, in fact, I will never wear a scarf in a configuration that would allow anyone to grab and choke me with it or that would allow me to become entangled with objects such as doorways, turnstyles, train doors, elevators, escalators, etc. The longest scarves I own, will be no longer than the distance from my neck to my fingertips when folded in half, which in my case borders on a 6 foot length. In spring & fall, I may on occasion, wear a silk scarf. When wearing my leather jackets, I'll wear any of my scarves because somehow all of them work with leather. These are my own personal preferences and I speak only for myself.
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Man of Lint,

Interesting perspective. I like how you change your approach between lighter coats with your tie showing and heavy coats without much else showing.
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As it gets colder, my wardrobe changes as follows:

Flannel or heavy wool suit / tweed jacket -> Coat (I only really have one jacket length / weight I wear in a formal context -> Coat plus scarf.

If it's cold enough for me to need a scarf, I'm probably not showing much shirt or tie. With a charcoal coat which I wear most of the time in winter, I'll either pair it with a light grey scarf (most of the time, I don't care if it looks a bit drab) or a dark blue or red / burgundy scarf.

I prefer cashmere here even though I don't love cashmere sweaters as much since the scarf is close to your skin and I want something as soft as possible around my neck (especially when thrown on a few minutes after shaving in the morning).
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1. Burgundy Cashmere - Pairs well with Navy and Charcoal overcoats and looks cracking with a green tweed coat.

2. Black Cashmere - More formal; appropriate at almost any level from Funerals to the pub.

3. Patterns in Lambswool (mostly earth-tones or blues) - Pairs well with denims and casual jackets
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I think burgundy cashmere will be my next scarf purchase.  I already have a gray cashmere. 

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My core scarfs (actually my only scarfs) are similar to the OP.


Grey cashmere, Tan cashmere, and two patterned lambswool.  Next up are a couple darker cashmere, discreetly patterned if possible.

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Seems like grey, blue, charcoal, burgundy, brown and tan are core colors?  Have several of these and then some plaid and/or otherwise interesting patters?


I continue to be a big fan of herringbone in the core colors with white to accentuate the herringbone pattern.

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pLEVI1-16087858t330x400.jpgWOuld a scarf in this pattern and and material be worn all year? Or isit a winter only deal. I have this acrylic ribbed lenghtwise its pretty long, and I bought this navy wool one thats pretty short from J crew for 26 bucks (its wool). But the navy color seems dull cus I only have black and navy coats. Is there thread on tieng scarfs here?

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That would be an autumn/winter scarf to me.  For navy and black coats, try light gray or camel if you're looking at solids.  They seem to be the most widely recommended.  There are a ton of ways to tie a scarf but some of the best are covered here and here

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