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7 suits, 8 sportscoats, and 4 separate waistcoats.

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3 suits,3 sport coats no tux...Just thinking of buying a suit in a heavier cloth ( maybe even flannel) for the Autumm -Winter period.
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My collection is still in its earliest stages:

- 5 suits, 1 sportcoat (another on the way soon), and a variety of odd jackets.
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1 suit, 1 tux, 1 morning coat, 1 brass button blazer, 3 sport coats.  3-piece MtM Navy suit up next, but no idea when.  Charcoal to follow that one.


2 suits if you count the 3-piece brown vintage suit, but I don't since it has bell bottoms.  I wore it ro coach once last year, and made a point of walking up and down the bench with my arms in the air like Don Cherry.  Both wearing it, and the antics, were more to give the kids a laugh than anything else. The bell bottoms weren't as bad as I remembered from buying the suit; I actually thrifted it for $10 just for the vest for a pirate costume.

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6 suits counting my tuxedo:

- Shawl collar black tuxedo
- Navy worsted SB 2B suit
- Medium grey worsted SB 2B suit
- Charcoal SB worsted 2B suit
- Medium grey flannel DB
- Navy worsted DB

I don't have to wear a suit everyday and mostly put on a jacket and tie when I'm in the mood to dress up at work, for client meetings, interviews, nice dinners, galas, etc. That said I like to have a variety of things for when I need them. Last week I had a networking dinner and 2 charity fundraisers that called for cocktail attire. It was nice to be able to wear a different suit for each occasion.

As far as seasonality is concerned, the medium grey flannel is definitely fall / winter. I'm considering a light grey tropical weight wool suit and a light tan linen suit for the summer (maybe seersucker but I would probably wear the thing as separates 90% of the time) which would bring me to 8 suits total, which is more than enough for me. If I wore suits to work, I'd probably invest in some pinstripes and chalkstripes in addition to getting slightly different versions of solid navy / greys.

Since odd jackets were brought up, I have 11 of those (3 dedicated to summer including a linen navy blazer, 6 fall / winter that work okay in dreary spring weather as well, and 2 navy blazers that work when it's not scorching hot).
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Originally Posted by TomTom View Post

3 suits,3 sport coats no tux...Just thinking of buying a suit in a heavier cloth ( maybe even flannel) for the Autumm -Winter period.

Flannel is awesome. Only drawback to it is that it is truly seasonal IMO (i.e. I think it looks wrong in the summer even if the weather is cool enough), while a heavier worsted can be more versatile. But then flannel is awesome.
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13 suits and 2 sportscoats
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I had to think about this for a while because most of my suits are currently in storage back home in Canada while I am in Japan for the year. It will seem like an odd collection to some - but I actually wear all of these regularly. 10 in total...


3 x solid wool suits:

  • Daks dark grey midweight pinstripe worsted SB 2-piece
  • Peacock & Sons vintage mid grey lightweight SB 3-piece
  • Peacock & Sons vintage airforce blue lightweight DB 3-piece

3 x midweight glen check SB 2-piece suits:

  • Salvatore Ferragamo dark grey flannel (courtesy of Holdfast!)
  • vintage blue-grey worsted
  • Aquascutum olive-brown worsted

2 x tweed suits:

  • Walker Slater MTM heavyweight blue/purple Dashing Tweeds SB 3-piece
  • Avon House midweight Moon grey barleycorn SB 3-piece

1 x Prada black velvet cord SB 2-piece

1 x Isaia lightweight blue and white cotton-linen SB 2-piece


I also have a set of Old Town heavyweight charcoal Harris Tweed separates (SB jacket, waistcoat, trousers) which can be worn as a casual workingman's suit, although I generally don't as the jacket is too big for me and I will be selling it next year.


Next up is probably going to be an OTR tan cord SB 2 or 3-piece casual (and separable) suit (classic professor stuff!) and an MTM nailhead navy blue 2-piece. I also have the fabric for the following bespoke possibilities: a fancy brown tweed 2-piece, a navy blue linen 2-piece and a blue cashmere herringbone 2-piece.

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More of a sport coat guy, I am. Six suits, 20 sport coats.
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