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White tie, without the formality

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I have very dark grey, almost black suit with a subtle light grey pinstripe. I absolutely love this suit. I'm going to a wedding November, 9th. My girl is wearing a black dress with turquoise trim. I purchased a matching solid turquoise tie, with a very subtle crosshatch pattern and paired it with a stark white shirt. It's "ok" but I'm not sold. I don't get to dress up often, so when I do, I like to look as classy as possible, and don't mind being a hair overdressed. I tried a white tie with the white shirt, and to me this looks spectacular with the suit, though I'm not sure it's proper. I ordered a white tie with broad turquoise stripes as well as one with smaller multi-width stripes but haven't received them to try as of yet. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Any suggestions?

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I'm afraid you'll find very little love here for the idea of matching your date like it's a high school prom.

Got any photos?
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Had a feeling that may be the case thus, I wasn't sold on the idea. Here's a pic of two ties I ordered, me in the suit with a white tie (although the tie is slightly off white), and the suit fabric.

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All three ties look naff, and the pinstripes on the suit are the exact wrong kinds of pinstripes. Nevertheless, I would keep the suit for now and focus on the rest of the outfit. If you're fond of the white-on-white look, I suggest you look into mid-gray ties, which look less goofy while still offering that soft contrast with the shirt. I would also strongly advise you to get your hands on a white linen or cotton pocket square. This kind of formal rig really calls for that.
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Oh my.....

I hope you have thick skin my friend, because if this thread picks up any steam, you're going to be teared into.

That being said, I'll try being constructive. No white ties. Ever. Unless it's a bow tie and you're meeting The Queen. You will find no love here for matching your date. You're your own man, not a fashion accessory.

I most often find turquoise in the territory of cheap menswear worn by people with little experience and want something that "pops." Often worn with slip on square toed elf loafers.

If you love your suit, that's fine. I would stick with the white shirt, but I agree with the previous poster. A medium grey would be your best bet with the tie. If it was me I'd go with some kind of large-medium scale pattern, a check or herringbone, dots perhaps? Thick stripes like you posted are fine, but the turquoise is terrible and stripes on stripes is a little too American business to feel formal to me.

Creep the WIWT thread, you'll see a lot of good stuff in there.

No white tie. Don't do it. I don't care how good you think it's terrible. That is a sartorial crime.

Had to get it off my chest.

Good luck!
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Skin is thick enough. As I have said, and I'm not sure you guys are reading, I wasn't fond of the turquoise either, which is why I'm here asking for help. I usually wear this suit with a silver tie, but I'm looking for something different. If asking a question on a style forum about help with style gets me torn into then perhaps I'm in the wrong place. Possibly, I should stick to the sales girl at Macy's that'll pick me out something that looks "hot". I have two suits, the one I posted and a heather grey three-piece. The wedding party is wearing grey so I opted not to so, the suit with the wrong stripes is it. With that said, I'll certainly take your opinions seriously and hopefully I'll come up with something.

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A dark tie. Navy blue, or black. No white. No turquoise. Not ever. biggrin.gif
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Thank you Veremund...
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Matching your partner is totally Prom and not done by adults.

The white tie idea is not really on either and is certainly not "classy", you would be better to make an impression (if you must when it is not your day) by classic understated elegance than giving the impression of having chosen whatever is crass in a shop.
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You might also want to consider that nowadays grooms like to wear white ties to "stand out" from their groomsmen. A guest wearing a white tie might seem inappropriate.
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Yes, I understand what I'm not supposed to wear. No white, no turquoise. I got it. On to the suggestions of what will work as I'm now totally aware of what certainly won't. Inexperienced yes, but I'm not an idiot...which is why I came here for help since I was obviously on my way to making a complete fool of myself.
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Search for the wedding ties thread. There's a lot of good suggestions there.
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Thank you...
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+1 to the wedding ties idea. A solid navy tie could work pretty well and I also have a soft spot for a powder blue tie with a grey suit and white shirt.
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I found these two examples that are somewhat close to my suit fabric. I really like the top pic. It appears to also have a light gray shirt but it's hard for me to tell. What do you think? Any better?

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